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    When I met Lara, I knew we were soul mates. So I’m happy that she shared her wisdom and knowledge about referral marketing.

    Earn more money with marketing

    At the beginning of her career, Lara was a management consultant. After a while, clients came to her because they wanted her to help figure out how to make more money from marketing. “We’d go into all of the things you need to know, in order to have a solid marketing plan that is the foundation of good business, knowing who you are and what you are selling and who it is for.”

    Unfortunately, their customers weren’t aware of the various aspects of marketing for your business and how they build your business foundation. She wanted to teach her clients that they had a great marketing foundation to build their business and improve sales and income.

    “I would meet business owners who are struggling to find marketing.” They did business the way it should be – in their heads. However, this was not the reality of marketing, so she started figuring out ways to help people market in their own way and gain the confidence to be a successful business owner.

    Entrepreneurship and ADHD

    “A lot of entrepreneurs with ADHD have big ideas and big dreams, and that’s a really great part of being an entrepreneur.” Unfortunately, as I know all too well, the group of us with ADHD are good at taking our ideas in and out to run them. Even so, we’re not good at details, follow-through, and execution. This distracts us or we get stuck in the process.

    There are two things Lara has learned to avoid getting stuck and distracted, with the first being: “Focus on other things that you do well and stop trying to do things the way others do them. ” The second point she suggests is to get support for the tasks that you are not good at because you are less likely to do jobs that you are not good at or that you do not enjoy doing.

    Be authentic and real in business

    One thing we’re known for isn’t frosting. But unfortunately, I feel like there’s a lot of frosting, especially in women-centered rooms; Far too much is glossing over what it takes to run a business.

    If you start a new business that feels difficult or you think it is going to be difficult, you will hate it because your thinking is using more energy than it takes with negative thinking. Instead, save your energy on the elements of your business that happen throughout the course of running a business.

    Execution of your lifestyle design

    Lifestyle design is all about getting your plan done, and if you don’t delegate the tasks that you don’t enjoy doing, it will take longer to reach your end goal. Period.

    If you want to become a digital nomad, you need to test abroad and learn how to travel slower. I’ve been talking about this lifestyle for about three years and have had to reorganize my entire business to achieve my desired lifestyle. My first business didn’t work out so I had to think differently and have a really new identity.

    One of the biggest mistakes people make is not thinking about how they want to live their lives; they just think about making money. To plan your ultimate life you have to reverse the design you want to do. First, think about the lifestyle you want to live, then shape your work according to your lifestyle.

    Design your business model that fits your lifestyle choices

    Where you want to work, how you want to work, what you want to do for your job – there are so many aspects of creating your business model when you consider them.

    Thinking about how each piece fits into your new lifestyle puzzle can help you build the right business instead of letting your career happen by chance.

    Creating high ticket sales

    “People are so scared that nobody wants to spend money on high tickets.” You can calculate high ticket sales if you offer a full service. “I find that people aren’t even offering people high-ticket sales. This is called the buyer’s decision – and it’s a big sales mistake. Buyers are grown-ups and can make their own decisions. “

    I would like to offer you this complete service and we will take care of everything. Of course, it will cost you more, but you will get more. This is how I found some of the people I worked with and started getting used to selling high dollar sales.

    Get out of your box and be uncomfortable

    “Don’t look for the hard things, look for the easy way, but be aware that there will be moments that will be uncomfortable. So if you start sharing your new prices with someone and it feels uncomfortable, it doesn’t mean you are wrong. You just have to go through the process. And if the next time it becomes too easy to find these numbers, you can raise your prices again. “

    Remember, the more you sell your time, the harder it will be to move forward and make more money. But it’s not just about your time; It’s about how you want to live your life, what kind of lifestyle you want to build for yourself, and how you want to shape your world.

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