Building a technology-enabled boutique experience for medium-sized business owners


    “Business families tend to have complicated financial lives because there is no clear line between business and their personal wealth. Not every planner and investment advisor in the market appreciates this reality, ”said Evans. “We are of the opinion that many medium-sized entrepreneurial families deserve a better experience than they do today.”

    To grow its business and deliver that better experience, CWB is pursuing a multi-year digital strategy. A key element of that strategy, Evans said, is equipping its private wealth advisory teams with robust insight engines and strong core technology.

    “It’s been evident for years that the winners in the marketplace are putting together truly engaging technology experiences for customers,” said Evans. “When we acquired TE in 2020, the company successfully operated and maintained its own, proprietary financial planning software. It was a competitive advantage that really complemented their personal approach to financial planning for wealthy families. ”

    But as Bono from U2 once famous for sung, sometimes you can’t do it alone. With cloud-based technologies and emerging wealthtech providers, partnerships with strong third-party providers have become a more scalable strategy. Even before they acquired TE in 2020, both TE and CWB knew that the next stage of their technology journey would depend on outside partnerships with the strongest outside design technology providers – and that includes Conquest.

    According to Evans, CWB’s assets division is still in the pre-launch phase of implementing Conquest technology. The bank is currently testing the platform with our team of consultants and is adapting the function suite so that the most important functions are made available to customers and consultants when it is introduced.


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