Bullseye on financial target # 3


    I took a few months off my current financial goal of paying off my car: Financial Goal # 3 for this year. I was distracted from a month-long fight against COVID and then bought my house.

    But I’m back and this month it’s been The current amount for my car is $ 9,062.37.

    If you join in now you will know that this amount should be lower as my minimum payment is $ 2,000 per month. But I promise the difference is not my fault. My cousins, who are taking care of my uncle’s finances these days, have lost a check. After waiting a few months for them to redeem it and watch them redeem newer payments, I reached out. Do not know where it is.

    So we agreed that I would hold the payment for this check and then just transfer the payment again. I wasn’t offended so I added it back to the balance owed.

    Still on the line

    That being said, I still plan to pay off the car by September. In fact, I am so committed to this plan that I planned all payments in advance! You should get my final payment on September 15th !!!! Result!

    Then I’ll have my last debt … my student loans. The countdown is running.

    Side note: Turner is getting his driver’s license tomorrow. My last baby is ready for its wings. I knew this was coming and planned to increase the amount insured … an additional $ 150 a month. But I hope to make up for that surge next month when Princess goes to college. Since she doesn’t take a car, I am told I can get a reduction in my insurance. We will see!

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