Can You Really Make Money With It?


    I decided to write an honest review of the Cube Cube app after seeing ads about it all over the place. Here is my Cube Cube review for 2021.

    Sometimes I get stuck in a phase where I probably play more games on my phone than I should. They’re usually pretty pointless, but they’re really fun and help pass the time. Most of these games are free but feature in-game advertisements.

    One of these ads caught my attention because I was seeing it everywhere.

    It was Cube Cube.

    I think what caught my attention was the ad that you can actually make money through head-to-head challenges.

    Do you want free money?

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    I decided to download the app and get started.

    What is Cube Cube?

    It’s a simple puzzle game, but it requires in-depth strategy. You can fill the board, clear the board and collect and win points. It’s similar to Tetris without gravity.

    The premise of the game is to fill rows side by side or top to bottom to clear them out and score bonus points. You can delete several lines with one move and then receive “combination bonuses”. If you delete rows one after the other, you will receive “streak bonuses”. These bonuses are the key to winning.

    Cube Cube is owned by a company called Tether Studios, which also developed Mixmaster Showdown, Backgammon Blitz, Cribbage Blitz, Solitaire Cube, and Texas Solitaire.

    Dice dice rating

    Cube Cube includes tournaments and head-to-head competitions with real money prizes (where available). That was what interested me most.

    Request a $ 10 Cube Cube Bonus for iOS here or here for the Samsung Galaxy Store.

    Can You Really Make Money Playing Cube Cube?

    Short answer: yes.

    To earn cash prizes, you need to compete in head-to-head competitions in time games, where every move matters. You will be given 3 minutes for each game to see how many points you can collect.

    Again, your focus should be on clearing several lines so that you can earn combo bonuses and take them out in a row to get streak bonuses.

    Since you are in a head-to-head competition, you and the other player will be given the same shapes and order. Whoever scores the most points receives the cash bonus.

    Yes, you can really make money beating other players head-to-head. However, if you look at some user reviews on the iTunes App Store, some players claim the game uses bots … but most of the reviews are actually 5 stars.

    It was rated high with 4.6 / 5.0 stars from 10,200 reviews in the iTunes App Store. So Cube Cube is a legitimate app.

    Dice dice rating

    Is Cube Cube available to everyone?

    Cash tournaments are available in approximately 75% of the world. Cash tournaments are not activated in the following states: AZ, AR, CT, DE, FL, IL, LA, MD, MT, SC, SD, and TN. If you don’t live in a cash-eligible region, you can still play for fun with our virtual currency.

    Request a $ 10 Cube Cube Bonus for iOS here or here for the Samsung Galaxy Store.

    Is Cube Cube worth your time?

    Cube Cube is operated by the esports company Skillz.

    Skillz is an online mobile multiplayer competitive platform that is integrated with a range of iOS and Android games. The app enables leaderboards, trophies, cash or prizes in virtual currencies, as well as an amazing loyalty program that rewards you for playing.

    So the app is legit and you have a chance to make some cash, but you definitely won’t get rich using it or others Game apps that pay real money.

    So you wanna try You can get $ 10 bonus money when you make your first deposit into Cube Cube after 1 hour of new user play!

    Claim the $ 10 Cube Cube Bonus for iOS or the Samsung Galaxy Store here.

    Download and win real money with Cube Cube

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