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    3. Multicar guidelines can save or cost you 100 euros per year

    Multicar policies cover multiple cars at one address. Results vary …

    Kam (via Facebook) was a professional: “I saved £ 500 by putting both my car and my wife’s on multicar policies.”

    Peter (via email) was anti: “The multicar insurer wanted £ 1,600 for three cars. We have three separate policies for £ 720.”

    This is about extension offers that drive up costs. So Martin’s rule of thumb is simple: if you’re using a multicar policy, check separate policies to see if you can save. If you’re traveling separately, check out Multicar.

    – There are three multicar-only directives (i.e. a multi-vehicle directive):
    Comparison sites can only compare one car at a time. So if you want to compare multicar guidelines, you have to do it manually. The three to try are Admiral MultiCar *, Aviva * and LV *.

    – Don’t worry if you have other renewals:
    With the three providers above, you can set up a policy when you renew your first vehicle, while the other vehicles stay with their existing insurer until they are renewed. See multicar split renewals.

    – Some insurers only give discounts if you have multiple policies (for 2+ cars or 2+ types of insurance):
    If you have time for a bit of trial and error – these include More Than * (15% off), Axa * (up to 15%), Esure * (10%), Privilege (varies) and Sheilas’ Wheels * (10% ). Direct Line * and Churchill now offer multipolitics Discounts – that is, if you already have home insurance, you will receive a discount on your new car insurance (and vice versa).


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