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    from Hope

    I knew my plan would meet with some criticism. And that’s fine. But there are a couple of points that I thought were worth clearing up….

    1. I ran the numbers in each direction. Always taking into account what I would like to do with and for the children in the next two years. With a steady commitment, a tighter belt, and a few extra projects every year, I can do it.
    2. Paying back my mortgage is important to my peace of mind. I went through 13 years of housing insecurity and several years of job insecurity. Getting to the point where I could literally do a fast food job and pay my daily bills would be great and my ultimate goal! (But I will consider recommending a money market account as I am completely ignorant of this.)
    3. Barn doors are my style … and my kids like them too. We have never been a family that needed locks on our doors and in many cases with foster children this was discouraged for safety reasons. Closing the door offers a lot of privacy. Just as personal finances are personal, so is house design.
    4. My financial outlook / plan for September remains unchanged. I have home improvement supplies galore here from all the work we’ve done. This weekend I plan to paint the window trim in the living room and hang 3 sets of new blinds (thanks, Habitat for Humanity thrift store) and finish the kitchen remodeling, well, mostly.

    My DIY kitchen is almost ready

    I love, love, love my new dishwasher. It is now the perfect size for my small household. I now even have a disposal! After YEARS I feel back in the modern world without the comforts that are typical for me.

    He installed my disposal, dishwasher, water pipe to the refrigerator, countertops and even the new light above my sink. I am so grateful!

    After months of pricing countertops and reviewing materials and maintenance, I am delighted with my super economical butcher block countertops. (This is before they were cut, bonded, and conditioned.)

    My DIY kitchen (at least for the most part) is nearing completion. As mentioned earlier, I negotiated a really good price for the finishing touches that I needed help with ie plumbing and electrical work.

    Before anyone comments, Gymnast designed this kitchen. I love the style and the open shelves. (I understand from my last post about my kitchen that this is a poor people’s kitchen, but I love it.) Turner and I will be cleaning out the area under the sink and around the dishwasher this weekend.

    I still have to install the backsplash. That’ll have to wait until I have several days off in a row. I assume it will take about 3 days. I have the tiles and spacers, but still have to buy the compound, grout and find a tile cutting tool that I can rent or borrow.

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