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    Violet De Ayala was my first business mentor. Violet, a first-generation Cuban-American first generation, struggled to find her place in her new world.

    “I had my first child when I was 22 and didn’t want to work in the corporate world.”

    Instead, she wondered what kind of business she could build for herself. “We grew up with stories of entrepreneurial people who made it to this country with little money and were able to build enormous wealth and great companies.”

    Establishing and growing businesses

    Violet founded, grew and scaled several companies and ended up in the coaching sector. She looks at life and understands that everything is out there that we need. “If you are an immigrant, the stories you get told are the stories that came with nothing and have great success.” Many people will tell you that as an entrepreneur you will fail.

    Find grit when you’re at the bottom

    In this darkness of financial turmoil, you will find beauty within yourself that will inspire you to step up and move on.

    When you are broken, you find and acquire that level of grit because you have no choice but to fail.

    The importance of systems

    I tell my customers that they all need systems. Take it from someone who learned the hard way; Otherwise, your business will become a dumpster fire. Oh man, this ain’t fun. Build systems from the start.

    “So when you talk about scalability there are so many different variations of scalability, but the one I’m going to generally go into is how do you scale a brand that can serve over a million people around the world?”

    “If you can add your process, procedures, or streamlining, you are well on the way to being scalable, which means they can duplicate over and over but not add to your hours. The system doesn’t take your time, it lives beyond you. ”You can literally go on vacation and business will keep going.

    Developing my team and bringing a whole group of people towards a vision and a goal is exciting! How can we understand this vision and purpose so that we can emerge with our mission and expand it to a million people?

    “Well, if I were Amanda, and I have these wonderful skills, talents, and wisdom that I share. I change people’s lives. How big could this company get? How can I best share my vision with the world? “

    Violet says when you have an idea make sure that all of your action steps and words that you use for your team are aligned. You want to talk to your team about your vision. If you want your program to affect a million women, what about? Your vision becomes part of your company’s DNA.

    The team and the process we put in place. You need to adhere to it, and once you are connected to this process the holes will not get any bigger. You can use your systems and team to activate them.

    Partnership and cross-promotion

    Violet recommends entering into partnerships. You can do this by helping other companies start their own chapters in your organization. Work with other companies to make them work, and then team up so you can serve them.

    Target planning

    Remember to reverse engineer your goal planning. Start with your goal and then figure out the path you need to take to reach your goal. Next, find out what tools, skills, and partnerships you want to use to achieve your goal. Reach out to leaders, coaches, and mentors to work with you to help you achieve your business goals faster.

    Check your company details

    Violet looks at her data every month.

    She can then use her data to find out how close she is to her milestones and goals, and see how she takes small steps to reach her goal.

    Refuting the stereotypical narratives

    “I think that a lot of women picked up from their childhood where at some point they had the feeling that they couldn’t handle numbers well.” And so that’s not true. It’s been proven that women are great at numbers. “I just had Stephanie on our Instagram from Fem Global Program and she’s a finance guru. She has proven that women are great at numbers and women are great investors. ”So if you are afraid of numbers, let go of your fear and know that you are good at numbers. If you don’t want to go there, you can always hire an accountant!

    Understand your financial liability

    How much is going out? What do you spend dollars on? Which activities bring in the most money?

    You need to know these numbers because they are vital to the profitability of your business – and that’s good for everyone. So you need to know your numbers even if they aren’t great numbers.

    Then you can find out how you can change your policies to improve your numbers over the next month and build a more sustainable business.

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