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    Hersh, a Los Angeles production finance manager, shared his experience with Mint and how it helped him meet his financial goals.

    We love hearing about how people use the power of Mint to keep track of their finances. Whether it’s meeting your savings goals or paying off your credit card debt, every win counts and we look forward to celebrating those wins with all of you.

    Read on to learn more about his # EmpowerMint story.

    I downloaded Mint in 2012 and have used it to check my finances monthly since then. I didn’t really get it started until 2018, however, when I decided to aggressively pay off my student debt.

    I had about $ 80,000 of $ 125,000 in loans at the time after paying off $ 45,000 in about 2 years. Knowing that it would take some effort and massive action to pay off such a large sum within my new 5 year goal, I decided to use Mint’s budgeting and expense tracking features to make sure I was within Stick to my options and use my loan for every additional dollar paid out. I needed a platform where I could see all of my credit card, bank, and investment accounts in one place, and Mint gave me that and more.

    I have paid off $ 125,000 in student debt in just over 3 years with Mint’s help because I was able to better manage my finances with Mint’s budgeting and expense tracking features. I went from a 5 year goal to 3+ years to achieve it. Achieving this goal also led me to become a finance coach to help even more people pay off their college debts, better manage their personal finances, and start investing. I make sure my customers download and track their spend in Mint so they can benefit like me.

    I love that Mint has programs and opportunities for users to get cash for their expenses by simply using the app more often. I already use the app every day and find this feature helpful to spread more financial awareness and to increase the frequency of proactive management of our personal finances.

    If Mint hadn’t helped me consolidate my accounts and keep a budget in one place, I would never have got a bird’s eye view of my finances or would have been motivated to aggressively pay off $ 125,000 of my student debt in 3 years. It’s the only app I use every day to track my net worth progress and I always recommend it to all of my coaching clients.

    Take it from Hersh, consistent tracking and hard work definitely pay off. Comment below on how Mint has helped you, and if you’d like to share your story, get in touch on social media!

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    Annemarie Belda (24 posts)

    Annemarie Belda is communications manager at Intuit Mint. She is passionate about helping readers achieve their financial goals, from opening a savings account to gaining financial freedom.


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