“Customers care how much we care”


    “They don’t really know what they often need. They need someone to tell them they need that professional, or they need a will because it is constantly changing. This is not something you do once and then put it in a box and walk away from it. We have to keep talking because people’s situations are changing. People die, their children grow up, they have grandchildren. We have to have these conversations often. “

    For Bowman, whose expertise is in wealth management, it is vitally important to bring in iA experts in other areas when needed and she indulges in being the “general” of client needs. The focus is on a human relationship that is fostered through deep discussions. Only then, she said, will you really understand what is happening in her life.

    “You are important to me,” she added. “Customers don’t care how smart we are and how much we know about stocks and bonds. They care how much we take care of them. “

    Robo-advisors have become important tools in recent years as fees drop and more people wonder what they are paying an adviser for. Human is Bowman’s stern answer to this, adding that a robo-only model will miss so much of a human’s life. “Whether my clients are 30 or 90 years old, they want someone to guide them properly in every aspect of their life,” she said.

    Thanks to iA’s extensive internal resources, Bowman can help him find a solution and work it out together, regardless of whether a customer is evaluating his company or planning taxes. The close relationship that results is critical to the next generation of customers. The last thing you want to be known as, Bowman said, is your parents’ advisor. Instead, you need to speak the language of the younger generation and hear how and why they want to invest.


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