Demystifying Social Media Ad Purchases with Josie Kapetsonis – Amanda Abella


    Josie Kapetsonis gives us the 411 for buying social media ads.

    You’ve seen them, you know what they are, but how do they work? How can they promote your online evergreen course?

    Read below or listen to learn the basics of social media ad buying from the expert herself!

    From blogger to online course creator

    As an online entrepreneur for about 10 years, Josie is no stranger to learning how to stand out from the competition on the web. As a blogger, unsure of what to blog about, she then decided on the topic of helping women save money. She wanted her fan base to have the opportunity to work from home and be a home mom.

    “I think as a blogger you get to a point and do whatever you can to get people to blog with SEO, and then Google changes their AI.” she started exploring Facebook ads as they could get their significant results quickly.

    “I was able to place an ad in front of the person who would be attracted to the content I was posting – and it worked!” At that point, she decided to sell her blog and help others get ahead of their avatar with Facebook ads .

    When should you run Facebook ads for your business?

    Before taking clients on for ad purchases, Josie reviews her clients. First, she works out how long they have been in business, as you need an organic traffic base before starting any ad purchase. Second, she finds out if they have a funnel that converts organically because they need to prove the concept of what the funnel offers.

    “You need to make sure your message gets across correctly and that you speak properly to your ICA before attempting to put the fuel behind it.” Second, Josie always recommends putting ads behind your funnels. Third, she requires her customers to have a lead magnet from cold traffic that has an email sequence that leads people to a sale.

    What you need to know before hiring an advertising agency

    Josie recommends learning the basics of Facebook advertising before hiring an agency.

    “You want to have a smart conversation with the person running your ads.”

    Facebook does a great job of letting you know about ad purchases. If you use Facebook Ads on Google, the Facebook Ads Guide can be found online.

    Apple iOS 14 updates that change SEO

    Apple said they care about your privacy, but they care about your privacy and want to make sure that you want to share your information. This is a big deal because when people aren’t sharing their information, retargeting is a little more difficult.

    For example, you can use retargeting to create a campaign that you can present to people who have already interacted with something you’ve published. The solution is to keep your prospect on the platform so that you can get their information for retargeting.

    Drive business with Pinterest and YouTube ads

    “I think not having all your eggs in one basket is a good business decision.” Josie recommends using a few Pinterest ads to diversify your digital marketing budget.

    For YouTube ads,

    “You can’t run YouTube ads if you’re not good at the video. You also have to know how to get someone’s attention within five seconds. “

    Advertising on LinkedIn

    LinkedIn ads tend to be a lot more expensive than most customers would want to pay for.

    If you’re not ready to spend a fair bit of money on LinkedIn ads and you know your ICA or customer avatar is there, then you should be on the safe side when buying ads on LinkedIn.

    Sell ​​with advertising on Facebook

    “You can’t sell everything with Facebook ads or any platform.” Depending on your product or service, you need to decide which platform best suits what you are selling.

    She recommends that you have a product or service costing more than $ 500,000 to pick up the phone and call them directly.

    There are many factors such as how long they have been in your life and how long you have been in your relationship with them.

    Three Lead Generation Strategies For Small Businesses

    Lead generation is essential to growing your customer base. First, you need to create a lead magnet so that visitors can give you their email addresses. If you offer a valuable product, consumers will be more likely to jump on your marketing list.

    Second, you can watch evergreen marketing like webinars. You want your webinar funnel to be urgent for people to buy.

    Finally, she recommends an application funnel.

    “I think if you’re looking for leads to talk to, an application funnel is great for people who have a proven concept and can sell over the phone.”

    If selling over the phone isn’t in your wheelhouse, you can hire a sales representative to do your deals. If for some reason your pipeline dries up, you’ll want to know how to refill it.

    Ask for recommendations before hiring an agency

    Josie says communication and face-to-face meetings really help close the deal. “Of course, you only know that when you start working with someone. In order to be in the best position before calling an agency, be sure to ask for recommendations, seek out these people because that will really help you in the end. “

    Check out their website and see if they have any results. Are there any case studies? During your consultation, be on the lookout for anyone who says Facebook ads are the “magic bullet”. “Every business is different. What worked for this company may not work for your company. “

    The agency running the ads should be proactive in exploring various aspects and types of ad purchases.

    Data and pixels in Facebook ads

    “You have to feed the pixel.”

    She thinks it is beneficial to have the pixel installed on your website. The more people you visit to organically feed your Pixel, the Pixel will store all of this information.

    When you’re ready to run ads, there is data behind it to know who to target. Unless you have organic traffic on your website, the pixel will not do a good job.

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