Do we sell everything?


    It’s funny that Hope just bought a house while I’m seriously considering selling my house. I’m super happy for you hope !!


    My situation is a little different (aren’t we all?). We haven’t been home for more than half a year and live in our caravan. The more time we spend on the street, the more we realize how much we enjoy the nomadic lifestyle. Oh god, not permanently! But we really want to see the country and now that the COVID numbers are falling it feels like a normal place out there.


    I’m still looking for a job, but I’m looking for distant opportunities and …


    Consider selling our home, selling everything we own, and moving into our trailer full time.


    Am i crazy Before you answer, here is our thinking. Again, this wouldn’t take more than a year or two. When we’re done, we want to buy a lot in a rural Texas area and build a house ourselves (reminder, my husband is a general contractor). We would continue to live in the trailer until the house is finished.


    What are our financial thoughts? We would sell our house in an all time high market. Seriously, San Diego is on fire. We’d stay away from the market while traveling in the hopes that it would cool off a bit (ha ha, right?). We would finance our trip as before and pay what we would have paid for the two years of travel and one year of construction in mortgage payments and incidental expenses. That would be $ 90,000 or more. We would combine that with the profit we made on our house in San Diego and pay cash for the land and the house we are building. We’d have to upgrade to a slightly better trailer as our trailer isn’t suitable for full-time operation (technically no trailer is better, but some are better than others).


    My fears? We could get out of a hot market and it could keep growing and we couldn’t get back in. What if we change our minds and want to stay in California (my husband is firm in leaving)? We’d sell everything (nothing we have is worth storing) and what if we weren’t able to replace everything without spending a ton of money?


    Will our children struggle with life on the street? Sure they love it now, but for another year or two? We talked to them about the idea and they all said they wanted to move on. We saw more family members this year than ever before. We saw some amazing places. But I still wonder if I would do the right thing.


    But wow, the dream of being absolutely debt free, mortgage free and all is really attractive.


    Am i crazy?!?

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