Don’t forget about FREE books on World Book Day


World Book Day isn’t just about dressing up in school. Your child will also receive a free book token. So you can redeem it for one of 12 fantastic books.

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World Book Day 2021

World Book Day is just around the corner!

It can be that awful time scurrying around the house looking for something half as meaningful that it looks like a costume, or putting your hand in your pocket and buying an outfit at the store.

Schools do things differently.

Most allow your kids to dress however they want, which gives you the awkward discussion with your kid about what to get and what they really want!

Then there are the other schools, like ours, that say the kids have to dress up as characters from a book they studied.

Sometimes this makes it easier as there are few dress up ideas to think about, but on the other hand it can get harder as some characters can be difficult to come up with!

Here’s our little White Bear King from The Princess and The White Bear King (great read by the way if you haven’t already) from a previous year.

Free books

After we come up with cheap costume ideas for World Book Day and (usually) make something out of nothing, it’s not really over by the end of the school day.

You can get free books.

Your child ** should ** Come home from school with a £ 1 book token for a free book. Our daughter’s elementary school sent the voucher electronically this year so that we can print one out.

((** While you might not see it in your child’s school bag right away, poking around the bottom for a little piece of paper … someone else’s child ?!)

World Book Day token

World book day token from 2019

When you find the free book voucher, simply take it to your local bookstore (see a list of participating local sellers here).

There are 12 different books to be won:

World Book Day 2021

There is a wolf in your book

Luna loves World Book Day

What the ladybug heard


Planet Omar: Operation Art

Save the planet (there is also a free activity pack to download here)

The river whale


Little Badman and the Radioactive Samosa

Football school

Kill Joy

Skulduggery Pleasant

There is an additional book only in Ireland. Lily and the Lissadell ghost by Judi Curtin.

There is an additional book in Welsh in Wales: Ha Ha Cnec by Huw Aaron

To order the book, email the Welsh Books Council at or call 01970 624455.

If you don’t want to receive any of the free books, the token allows you to get £ 1 off any other book at full price (you get € 1.50 off if you’re in Ireland).

Do you prefer a free audiobook? That’s fine too. The audiobook only has to cost a minimum of £ 2.99 (or € 3.99 in Ireland).

You can also use your free book token for braille, large print, and audio. These are available through guide dogs and RNIB. Call 0303 123 9999 for braille and audio and 0118 9838275 for large print.

Note, however, that the tokens will expire on World Book Day and must be used before Sunday, March 28, 2021. The participating booksellers will redeem the vouchers after March 28th, while stocks last.

If you / your child would like to hear a number of free audiobooks or full-length audio excerpts, there are plenty here.

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