Don’t Let Dogecoin Distract You – 7 Legitimate Ways To Grow Your Net Worth


    Okay, we admit it: we’re not really into Bitcoin or Dogecoin or Ethereum or whatever. We don’t care what Elon Musk tweeted today.

    We are just as interested in cryptocurrency as we are the Cryptkeeper or Krypto the Superdog.

    Call us old fashioned. We just like normal money, that’s all. The kind that folds. The way you can buy a Big Mac or a plane ticket or a new pair of shoes.

    Oh, and our landlord and our electricity company and our auto insurance? It turns out that they also like normal money and expect us to pay them with it. Every month.

    So, go ahead and follow the ups and downs of Bitcoin or Dogecoin if that’s your thing. That’s cool, it’s a free country. But for us, this kind of sideshow is just a distraction from the real work: making better financial decisions and increasing our money – our real money.

    Here are seven legitimate ways to grow your net worth:

    1. See if you can get more money from this company

    Can your debit card handle Dogecoin? Who cares?

    Here’s the deal: if you’re not using Aspiration’s debit card, you’re missing out on extra cash. Aspiration gives you up to 5% back every time you wipe.

    Do you need to buy groceries? Extra money.

    Do you need to fill up the tank? Bam. Even more extra money.

    You wanted to buy these things anyway – why don’t you get this extra money?

    Enter your email address here and link your bank account to see how much extra cash you can get with your free Aspiration account. And don’t worry. Your money is FDIC insured and is subject to military encryption. This is nerd talk for “that’s perfectly safe”.

    2. Stop paying your credit card company

    bla bla bla Bitcoins blah blah. It does not matter.

    What matters in the real world is that credit card debt is the most expensive type of debt and the only way your credit card company gets rich by ripping you off with high interest rates is what counts. But a website called AmOne can help you fight back.

    If you owe your credit card company $ 50,000 or less, AmOne will provide you with a low-interest loan that you can use to pay off every single one of your balances.

    The advantage? You have to pay an invoice every month. And because personal loans have lower interest rates (AmOne rates start at 3.49% APR), you become debt free The much faster. Plus: No credit card payment this month.

    AmOne keeps your information confidential and secure, which is probably why it still has an A + rating with the Better Business Bureau after 20 years in business.

    It takes two minutes to see if you qualify for up to $ 50,000 online. You need to give AmOne a real phone number to qualify, but don’t worry – they won’t spam you with phone calls.

    3. Get $ 540 / year off your auto insurance in minutes

    When it comes to the normal, normal money you have in your pocket, reducing the necessary expenses can make a world of difference.

    When was the last time you checked car insurance prices? Is the answer “never”?

    You should buy your options every six months or so – this could save you quite a bit of money. But let’s be honest. It probably isn’t the first thing you think about when you wake up. But it doesn’t have to be.

    A website called makes it super easy to compare car insurance prices. All you have to do is enter your zip code and age and your options will be displayed.

    With, people saved an average of $ 540 per year.

    Yup. That could be $ 500 in your pocket just to take a few minutes to consider your options.

    4. Start investing in the future

    With investments you build generational wealth. If you feel that you don’t have enough money to start investing, you are not alone. But guess what? You really don’t need that much – and you can even get free shares (worth up to $ 200!) If you know where to look.

    Whether you have $ 5, $ 100, or $ 800 to spare, you can invest with Robinhood.

    Yes, you’ve probably heard of Robinhood. Both beginners and professionals love it because it has no commission fees and you can buy and sell stocks for free – with no limits. Plus, it’s super easy to use.

    What’s the best? When you download the app and add funds to your account (it won’t take more than a few minutes), Robinhood will leave a percentage of free shares in your account. It’s random, however, so the stock can be worth anywhere from $ 2.50 to $ 200 – a nice boost to help you build your investments.

    5. Get paid every time you buy groceries

    Grocery shopping is becoming more and more expensive as prices rise. Shouldn’t you have something to show for it? Besides food, I mean.

    A free app called Fetch Rewards rewards you with gift cards just for buying toilet paper and more than 250 other items in the grocery store.

    Here’s how it works: After you’ve downloaded the app, simply take a photo of your sales receipt showing you purchased an item from one of the brands listed in Fetch. For your efforts, you will receive gift cards for places like Amazon or Walmart.

    You can download the free Fetch Rewards app here for free gift cards. Over a million people already have it, so they have to be into something …

    6. Make sure that you are not overpaying

    Here’s another way to improve your cash flow: Stop overpaying for things.

    Wouldn’t it be nice if you received a notification while shopping online at Target and paid too much? This is what this free service does.

    Just add it to your browser for free, and before you check out, it will check other sites including Walmart, eBay, and others to see if your item is on sale for a cheaper price. You can also get coupon codes, set up price drop notifications, and even see the item’s price history.

    For example, let’s say you buy a new TV and assume you’ve found the best price. Here you will get a pop-up letting you know whether this particular television is available for a cheaper price elsewhere. If coupon codes are available, these will also be automatically applied to your order.

    Last year, this saved people $ 160 million.

    You can get started with just a few clicks to see if you are overpaying online.

    7. Add $ 225 to your wallet just to see the news

    It was an historic time for news and we are all constantly updating the latest updates. You probably know more than one news junkie who considers himself a respiratory disease expert or a political thought leader.

    And research companies want to pay you to keep watching. You can top up up to $ 225 per month by signing up for a free account with InboxDollars. They present short news clips for you to choose from every day and then ask you a few questions about them.

    All you have to do is answer honestly and InboxDollars will continue to pay you every month. That may sound too good to be true, but it has already paid its users more than $ 56 million.

    It takes about a minute to sign up and get paid to see the news.

    So go ahead. Buy your bitcoins and your dogecoins. Keep updating Twitter to see if Elon Musk said anything insane about her today.

    US? We’re sticking to real money, thank you.

    Mike Brassfield ([email protected]) is a senior writer at The Penny Hoarder. He likes normal money.


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