Don’t Throw These 7 Household Items Away – Sell Them


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    I come from a long line of “Dejunkers”. We are the people who constantly search our home for items that have not been used in a while – and throw them away.

    But when I married a graduate student and we were living on a low income, I realized that some of what I had previously thrown away was quite valuable.

    I’ve learned that some things are really worth selling instead of just carting them away. I can earn money with it – and save. Plus, it feels good to see things that I no longer need to move to a new home instead of the landfill.

    Consider the following types of items that you might not have known were worth – and learn about some of the best places to sell them.

    1. Electronics

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    I used to just put my old cell phones, computers and tablets in a closet until I got rid of them. Now I am selling them online.

    You can also do this through websites like Gazelle. Various retailers – from Amazon to brick-and-mortar chains – also buy certain used electronics, as detailed in “9 Stores You Pay For Your Mess”.

    If your old electronics are in too bad shape to be worth cash for, try taking them to a store that will give you credit or a discount on a future purchase when they recycle your unwanted phone or computer. For more information, see 9 Merchants That Reward You For Recycling.

    2. Books

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    Yes, libraries and charities can welcome your used book donation. However, if you have textbooks, first editions, or volumes by well-known authors, you may be able to sell them online or at a local used book store.

    For example, the Amazon trade-in program accepts books. The stationary chain Half Price Books also buys books.

    Tip: The BookScouter website can help you find out which buyer is offering you the best price for a particular book you want to sell.

    3. Gift cards

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    We have all received gift cards for stores or restaurants that we don’t want to patronize. Sure, you can give them away, but why not sell them for cash?

    You can do just that by exchanging gift cards like Raise. They are online marketplaces that allow you to sell your unwanted gift cards to people who want to buy them at a discount.

    You won’t get the full value – for example, $ 90 or $ 95 for a $ 100 gift card. But you will receive the payment in cash.

    4. Home appliances

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    I was surprised to find real demand for my old appliances – including a refrigerator, stove, washer, and dryer.

    One who bought one was a landlord looking for dorm equipment. But other buyers – including a woman who always wanted a side-by-side refrigerator but couldn’t afford a new one – just wanted to upgrade their appliances.

    This is one case where you may have to rely on Craigslist when selling, especially large equipment that would be too expensive to ship. But don’t forget other websites and apps that you can connect with potential buyers in your area, like Facebook Marketplace, Letgo, and OfferUp.

    5. Designer handbags and clothing

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    A few years ago I was a bit obsessed with designer handbags, but now I rarely wear them.

    Instead of leaving them unused on a cabinet shelf, I sell them on the Bag Borrow or Steal website. The website verifies that accessories are authentic designer items – not imitations – and are well paid for.

    Other luxury goods shipping sites include Material World’s RealReal and Style Alert.

    Some general online clothing and accessories shipping websites – like and thredUP – also buy and sell designer labels and other brand names.

    6. Calculator

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    How often do you see these days smartphones equipped with these devices and more use a standalone calculator? Unless you’re working with engineers, economists, or mathematicians, spotting a unicorn is like spotting a unicorn. But as it turns out, there is a market for calculators.

    Before throwing away your old calculator, check out to see how much the site could pay for it.

    7. Children’s toys

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    From board games to dolls to action figures, you can sell any type of toy – especially if it’s still in its original box.

    Consider putting them up for sale on eBay, or try selling them directly and locally on Craigslist or through Facebook Marketplace, Letgo, or OfferUp.

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