Don’t you like my idea? Wait a week.


    I will change my mind

    My husband and I did further research and decided that building a house was not the best option for us. The biggest factors:

    1) We don’t know any local subcontractors. In San Diego, my husband had a good group of reliable submarines that he could use. We don’t know anyone in Fort Worth. We haven’t yet established these important relationships and that could lead to huge delays, poor workmanship, higher costs … or all three.

    2) The supply chain is a mess. Materials for rehab will be difficult to find. Materials for a full build would be more difficult.

    What do we do now? We’ve given up the idea of ​​buying in an upper middle class neighborhood. Our loan would be $ 100,000 to $ 200,000. We could easily pay it off in 15 years. We DESERVE a nice house. We had 6 people on 1,200 square meters. We owe it to ourselves to finally have a home to be proud of, don’t we?

    We started driving around. We discovered great little niches. Friendly neighbors wave as we drive past. Our San Diego home wasn’t pretty, but I loved it anyway. We need another bedroom. That’s it.

    So we’re looking for a house that we can pay for in cash. Sure, it won’t be as beautiful as I imagined. I won’t have my dream kitchen (yet), but OUR will. Our goal is to be completely debt free … house and everything. Yes, someday I’ll get the house I deserve … if I can afford it.

    By the way – sorry for all the apartment mails. It was a roller coaster ride of decisions and always on top.

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