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    You may remember that in October 2014 the little works of art we called control disks were scrapped and a new system of electronic tax monitoring was introduced.

    Even though your control disk is still stuck to your windshield, be it because of its sentimental value or your sheer laziness, did you know it could potentially make you quite a lot of money?

    It’s correct. Some tax stamps have even cost as much as £ 1,000 and now, more than six years after they became useless, they are still rising in value. In fact, one collection sold on eBay for £ 1,666 in May 2021!

    Who is really going to buy an old tax sticker?

    Control signs

    Even if old tax stamps don’t sound like something a lot of people want to spend a lot of money on, there are people who specifically collect car tax discs. They are called velologists.

    People were selling tax stamps before production stopped, but now that there are only a limited amount left, the longer you keep them, the more valuable they become.

    • The highest amount paid to date for a control disc is £ 1,087.80, which was for a disc dating from 1921 – the year the control discs were first introduced.
    • The previous record was a CD from the same batch that sold for a whopping £ 810.

    Control discs have become collectible like old postage stamps, and who knows how much a Velologist maybe be ready to pay you for your old tax certificate someday.

    Did you know that since 1921 1.7 billion tax discs have been issued by the driver’s license authority (DVLA)? The dream would be to put them all in chronological order as they would circling the world three times!

    How much is my tax certificate worth?

    Control disk

    You might laugh at the price of some of these control disks and say they are too good to be true.

    And while that is the case with one hopeful who mentally puts the price of his worthless disc at £ 180,000, most will fetch around £ 40, which is still a fine amount for a pretty piece of paper.

    For example, average condition discs from the 1970s currently only sell for around £ 19.99.

    To make money, you can either start collecting yourself or wait for your particular disc to be in demand.

    But collectors are often most enthusiastic about the first and last of the items collected, so your newest automotive control wheel might well be the one to hit the jackpot.

    The most recent collection, which sold on eBay for £ 1,666, consisted of five discs, all from the same vehicle, dating from 1922-1924.

    the small perforations

    If you have a disc without perforated paper, be sure to keep it. The DVLA ran out of perforated paper when the control disks ran out, so some lucky people got unpunched control disks in the last year or so. We’re lucky because these discs are rare and will likely rise the most in price over the years.

    BritishTaxDiscs’ Stephen Challis says the greatest fortunes come with unusual control disks like those found on rare vehicles. Some tax stamps have also been issued with errors that make them more valuable, such as in 1954 when the government released a new design only to find that they accidentally printed “1953”. Instead of remembering the control disks, they printed a black rectangle over the “3”, making this messy piece of history a particular collector’s favorite.

    However, the exact rate of return you can expect from your old tax stamp is still unknown and it is difficult to say how much veleologists will be willing to pay in the future. While some sell for 99p on eBay, others sell for £ 250.

    What should I do with my tax assessment at the moment?

    Control signs

    Hold it tight! It might not be worth much right now, but it can’t hurt to keep it safe and see how much you can get for it in the future.

    Also, ask friends and family and see if they give you theirs. You could keep them all and even try putting together a set as quite a few discs from 1940, for example, are listed on the Collecticus auction site for up to £ 480.

    It is very important that you keep the tax certificate in good condition. Like all collectors, veleologists also attach great importance to the condition of the items they collect. So if you damage your tax stamp, you can radically reduce its value or even make it worthless.

    Put your CD in a stiff envelope (labeled so you don’t throw it away) and make sure the disc remains in pristine condition.

    Where can I sell my tax number?

    If you think the time is right, here is a list of the best places to sell your tax stamp:

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