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We were excited to switch to a health account for 2020. It was a great game of chance! We didn’t have a single incident last year. Of course, it made sense that we would roll the dice again this year. It occurred to me to switch to an HMO in the face of the pandemic, but some of my close family members caught COVID and recovered from it without requiring a hospital visit. My brother and sister both lost their sense of taste and smell, but otherwise showed no symptoms. Maybe my genetics, healthy diet, and exercise regimen would save me from hospital visits?

So far I’ve been safe from COVID (knocking on wood). I was so focused on avoiding hospital bills related to the pandemic that I didn’t think about other emergencies. * sigh * Like this one this week. My husband was in Arizona and I was home alone with my two youngest children. I was exercising in the living room and heard the dreaded sound of a slap on the wooden floor, followed by a loud scream from a child who was really, really hurt. It turned out that my youngest was running across the floor in his socks and slipped.

Why does this only happen when I’m alone?!?!

I wrote a quick photo of the injury to my brother, a paramedic, and asked if he thought stitches were needed. Immediately he replied “YES !!” He recommended emergency care as it can take hours to see our local children’s hospital and late at night. The Urgent Care doctor told me I had to go to the children’s hospital because he didn’t have the right anesthetic for children. * bigger sigh *

Fortunately, my son is a rock star and he did a great job while they stitched up his face. He’ll be fine. Chicks dig scars right?!? Unfortunately, I don’t get one, but TWO hospital bills. One from Urgent Care and one from the Children’s Hospital. We have more in our HSA account than the annual maximum so I’m not worried about going into debt for it, but it will take away a nice chunk of what we’ve built so far which is disappointing. It’s a difficult lesson to learn. Next time I’ll go straight to the children’s hospital !! Above all, I am glad that he is fine. Also no more socks in the house. ;; )


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