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Let’s talk about fear of success and how you can overcome your fear of success.

When I ask my followers about their fear, they tell me that they are not afraid of failure because they failed and got up again.

Your fear is based on the fact of pulling this new venture off and being successful.

As a result, they sabotage each other.

Fear of success psychology

The fear of success gets in your way, not the fear of failure. Fear of success is when you are afraid to get bigger and succeed. In my experience, I have seen that when customers are on the verge of breakthrough, they stay on their tracks for fear of success. However, you can get rid of this fear and move forward and improve your business!

Reason # 1: Fear of Success Persists: People are afraid of judgment

As you get bigger, you open up to a larger audience and expose your platform to a larger number of people.

In the fact that you get more attention, you will get more criticism too. It’s not necessarily the audience they’re afraid of; It’s your friends and family. This is a point of personal healing that you must take responsibility for in your life.

Reason # 2 is fear of success: fear of visibility

Of course, as you get taller, you will have more eyeballs on your platform. And that’s a creepy feeling. Some fear that something bad will happen to them when they reach a successful business point.

Reason # 3: Fear of Success Persists: Fear of Success Psychology

Fear of success can turn your ugly head because you feel good when you are little. You may not like it, but you are comfortable because our brains don’t like change – they want to stay in the same mindset. Getting bigger and becoming more successful is a meaningful change for your brain. You may need to rebuild your identity and many people are unfamiliar with the process. Hence, stepping on the unknown is scary.

Reason # 4: Fear of Success Exists: Fear of Success Motivation

Growth involves change, whether you grow in your personal or business aspects. Many of the clients I speak to fear the changes they will need to make in their personal and business lives. For example, if I am trying to build a seven figure business, what changes do I need to make to build a seven figure business?

Questions that I and others ask are: Do I want to show up like this? Do I want to change my business? Do I want to push myself out of my comfort zone? These are questions I ask myself and I am one hundred percent transparent when I tell you this.

Yes, I deal with it because these fears are no different from you. When I’m about to make a big breakthrough, I can feel the energetic change in my body. Then my skin starts to creep (in a good way).

How To Overcome Your Fear Of Success

We know we have this fear. What are we doing about it? Number one is to take action! Small steps work best, and it looks to me like I’m disciplined with my commitments. I am not perfect and I achieve all of my goals every day. I do my best every day. And to me that looks like rigorously disciplined tasks that will help me move forward.

Another way to overcome your fear is to find mentorship. At this point, I am in David Nagle’s 90-day Elite Mind experience. It provoked my fear of success as it blocked my energy. Another way to find out your fear is to look at Tony Robbins’ Fear of Success, where he talks about how fear can keep people from moving forward.

I found that my fear of success was rooted in my childhood. Every time I made a wish or wanted to get bigger, my idea was shot down. As an adult, I need to be conscious and not fear this pattern every time I want to get bigger. I feel uncomfortable because I’m scared of being shot down. Identify what is causing your blocks in your past and make a conscious decision to reconsider your fear and make new, more positive decisions.

Start practicing expanding. As you practice expanding, you will have a different experience than other people depending on where you are in life. Practice expanding yourself as best you can and moving into this energy. When you get involved, you will heal the thoughts and emotions that arise.

Afraid of confirmation of success

Try daily affirmations to convert your energy into a more positive mindset. As you move forward and get to the point where you feel uncomfortable, you are transforming the energy. I practice this process by choosing different thoughts and saying different affirmations. I will create claims like “Money is always there for me”, “Abundance is my birthright”, “Luxury is my birthright”, “I expand to be successful and I am successful so that I can help more people”.

Every time I feel uncomfortable, I turn my attention to the mindset that I deserve, success, desires, and all the things I want, and that’s fine. Move your mind towards success and success and remove fear from your everyday life.

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