Five Odeon movie tickets for just £ 25 at Groupon


    With the latest Groupon cinema offer, you can get five Odeon cinema tickets for £ 25 or two tickets for £ 11. This limited-time deal is available in cinemas nationwide and is ending soon, so grab hold of it quickly.

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    With the latest Groupon cinema offer, you can get five Odeon cinema tickets for £ 20 or two tickets for £ 10. Valid in cinemas nationwide, but sold out quickly!

    Do you fancy watching a movie or two with the kids, or maybe you want to take the other half to the cinema but not pay full price for the tickets?

    Every now and then Groupon has amazing deals to get Odeon movie tickets for a fraction of the price and they just reissued the offer.

    For a limited time only, you can buy five Odeon cinema tickets for £ 25 or two tickets for £ 11! That costs only £ 5 per ticket – much cheaper than the full price!

    You can use the tickets for 2D screenings in Odeon cinemas across the UK!

    You can choose to use all the tickets at once, or if you prefer to go to the cinema alone, split the tickets over multiple trips.

    How to get this Odeon offer

    • Buy the cheap cinema tickets here
    • Get an individual voucher with a unique Groupon code for each individual ticket
    • Redeem vouchers online at Odeon (no booking fee)
    • Grab your popcorn and relax!
    • As simple as that :-)
    Eating popcorn in the cinema

    There are no movie restrictions during this deal so you can watch any movie you like, which is a lot better than previous times when this deal is on.

    If you want to see a movie in an Odeon Luxe it is a little more expensive (but then they are a different type of cinema).

    Instead, Odean Luxe tickets cost £ 15 for 2 or £ 35 for 5. To be fair, it’s still a steal.

    Tickets can be used every weekday from now until September 14, 2021.

    The purchase of one voucher set per person is limited.

    If you buy a set of two or five cinema tickets, you can redeem the Odeon cinema vouchers individually over several visits.

    There are many ways to get cheap Odeon cinema tickets. So when this offer ends, you don’t have to pay full price!

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