Franklin Templeton Canada lets boutique investment muscles play


    The Franklin ClearBridge Sustainable Global Infrastructure Income FundAlready available to investors, seeks income and capital appreciation primarily from equity investments in sustainable companies that support infrastructure investments. Franklin ClearBridge Sustainable Global Infrastructure Income Active ETF (TSX: FCII), which will be listed on the TSX on or about June 29th, will invest primarily in the Fund.

    Also on or about June 29th, the Franklin ClearBridge Sustainable International Growth Active ETF (TSX: FCSI) will seek long-term capital appreciation primarily through exposure to international equities outside of Canada and the United States. He will invest primarily in the Franklin ClearBridge International Growth Fund, which has a five-star Morningstar rating.

    Last of the newly announced ClearBridge offerings Franklin ClearBridge US Sustainability Leaders Fund, already available, seeks capital growth and above-market returns by investing in established and emerging quality companies that address global challenges such as climate change, conserving resources, improving health and financial inclusion.

    Leverage the expertise of Martin Currie, the Franklin Mutual Global Discovery Fund invested in the Franklin Martin Currie Global Equity Fund on or about July 19 is a high persuasion fund focused on companies with a strong history of high and sustainable returns on invested capital.

    Meanwhile it is Franklin Martin Currie Sustainable Emerging Markets Fund, which will be launched around the same time, aims to provide long-term capital appreciation through equity stocks from sustainable emerging market issuers.


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