Free £ 50 ‘Fix Your Bike’ vouchers are back in stock


To ease the pressure on the bike shops, the vouchers were released in batches. The first and second coupons, released in July and November last year, were picked up within a few hours. So go quick if you want one. The government has warned that only 150,000 coupons will be available this time around. So only get a voucher if you really need it and will use it.

To use the scheme, all you need to do is:

  • Apply for a free voucher. You can do this through the Fix Your Bike website.
  • Find a bike mechanic registered by your bike voucher to repair your bike. Check out this list of participating bike shops and mechanics. You have 90 days to book a repair. The repair must then take place before August 31, 2021.
  • Bring your bike and voucher code to the repair shop and get up to £ 50 off repair costs. You should be able to book an appointment online or by phone to avoid unnecessary personal travel. However, ask your chosen repair shop about this. There is no minimum spend, but you will have to pay the difference if repairs cost more than £ 50.

Only one voucher can be claimed per person and you cannot request a voucher if you have already done so. Not all types of repairs are covered. So ask your mechanic first. Repairs that are covered include, for example, repairing or replacing tires, tubes and wheels. For more information on how the Fix Your Bike scheme works, see our guide.

The program aims to encourage more people in England to ride bikes as an alternative to using cars, especially for work and important travel, while social distancing measures are in place during the pandemic. You can find more tips on reducing bike costs in our MoneySaving tips for cyclists.


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