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    My kids love to read. We can’t walk past a bookstore without them begging to go in. I can easily say no when they beg for candy or fast food, but books? I want to stoke the fire they have to read. Unfortunately, books are expensive and my children are quick readers. Books don’t last a week here. Fortunately, they enjoy the same types of books so they can at least share.

    I know what you’re thinking, “Why the hell don’t you just go to the library?” I do! But not often. Our local library is still working on reduced hours due to COVID, but even if it was open longer it wouldn’t solve the problem. This time we’re on the road longer than in our house. We cannot borrow in one city and return in another. Also, I have a hard time remembering what books we have, when they are due, and where they are.

    We took the kids to dinner and a band played. My husband and I wanted to enjoy the live music (it’s been so long since we’ve heard live music and we long for it!) But we knew the kids wanted home. We got their books out of the car and they read while we enjoyed the show. The hostess came over to compliment our children who read softly and I said, “I love that they like to read, but UGH, such an expensive habit! I wish the libraries had worked a little better on our schedule! ‘

    Her face lit up. “Haven’t you heard from the Little Free Library?!?!” she exclaimed.

    And that day my life changed for the better. The Little Free Library is a book sharing program! It’s a neighborhood book exchange where everyone is invited to take or leave a book. You don’t have to return it. There are no annoying due dates. AND there are 8, yes 8 near our home in San Diego! We were in Michigan and it was a mile and a half from where we were staying. They are seemingly everywhere!

    The downside, if you are looking for something in particular, it is very unlikely to have it. The advantage is that it is a treasure hunt. We left some great books like Dog Man for other kids and discovered some amazing Lego books. Occasionally we even find handicrafts or DVDs.

    The Little Free Library saves you money! And it’s the first thing the kids want to find in a new city. More information about this AMAZING program can be found here: Homepage – Little Free Library


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