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    We all enjoy a little bit of luxury every now and then. A slap-up dinner, a nice hotel or a West End show. But since money is scarce for many people after the pandemic, it is not always affordable.

    Fortunately, at MoneyMagpie we have compiled the best tips for finding and enjoying luxury deals on a budget, how to get things for free and how to use these tips in conjunction with the curve card So you can save even more and enjoy the well-deserved luxury for less money!

    Increase your savings with these tips with the Curve Card. Curve combines all of your credit cards, debit cards and loyalty cards into a single card that you need to carry with you. And the only pin you have to remember. Besides, you will receive a free welcome bonus of € 5.

    Become a mystery shopper

    Do you like to dine in luxury restaurants, stay in the top hotels and drink in some of the chicest bars in the country? Did you know you can do all of this for free? Become a mystery shopper and you can.

    As you can see in our article here on mystery shopping, All mystery shoppers have to do is answer questions about dinner, drinks, or overnight accommodation. They answer a few questions about the quality of the food, the cleanliness of the hotel, how good the service was and so on, and that’s it – luxury living for free!

    Free movie tickets

    A night at the cinema can be expensive these days, but it doesn’t have to be. There are quite a few websites out there offering the option to watch movies for free before they are released! Register for See movie first and Free UK Movies for a selection of previews of the latest releases!

    These offers cover admission, but not the notoriously expensive cinema sweets and snacks. Use the Curve Card for your purchases and Earn 1% cashback on (almost) everything in the first 30 days. Refer friends for cashback: Every friend you refer to Curve is worth 30 days of cashback.

    Inexpensive luxury restaurant

    the Taste card is a fantastic way to eat out inexpensively. Get 50% off or 2-for-1 deals at over 6,000 restaurants across the UK with this amazing little card. Membership costs £ 79.95 for the year (you get that back after a couple of evenings), but they also offer a free month-long trial so you can try it out.

    It’s a straightforward commitment – you don’t even have to provide your card details. Just enter your name and address and your 30-day free trial card will arrive soon.

    Cheap theater

    After dinner, you might want to go to a show with the savings you made with the Tastecard. Shows in the West End can be pricey, but there’s no need to pay full price.

    Buy cheap Tickets for just a ten, and they have a variety of deals including dinner and a show for just £ 20!

    Another useful site is Love theater which lists various prices and websites that sell tickets to music and theater events. You can choose the date and location, and the website will list all of the purchase information next to it.

    If you enjoy watching previews at a discounted price, then you should give it a try too List of new openings for the London Theater.

    You can find more tips in our Instructions for cheap theater ticketss, and if your bank balance is a little low after the pandemic, Use the curve card and protect yourself from unpleasant rejections with its brilliant “anti-embarrassment” mode. If your selected payment card is not accepted, it will automatically be charged to your selected replacement card.

    Free shows

    Did you know you can watch your favorite TV shows live for free?

    Apply for free tickets to your favorite TV shows, tours, gigs and live events on the BBC website. You can also try Lost on TV where you can apply for tickets to other TV programs such as The Cube and The Apprentice: You’re Fired.

    Use Applause Store for shows like Britain’s Got Talent and Rolling In It.

    SRO target groups has tickets to a variety of great shows like Mock The Week, Alan Carr: Chatty Man, and All Star Family Fortunes.


    Did you know that companies are constantly giving away their things as part of promotions? Free patterns are a great trick that you can take advantage of.

    You get free samples of shampoo, breakfast bars, washing powder, razors, cameras, books, pens, perfumes, CDs, movie tickets, T-shirts, chocolates, candy, tea, coffee, SIM cards, toys, posters and magazines, just to order one to name a few!

    visit since they collect different offers in one place and have lots of high quality freebies but also free trials or coupons and coupons that you can print out and use to get your discounts in store.

    Using freebies and samples could be a great idea to help you pack for upcoming post-pandemic trips! With the curve card Have fun amazing exchange rates, free cash withdrawals and cashback for every card you add.

    Additionally, if you sign up by clicking any of the Curve links in this article, you will receive a £ 5 Welcome Bonus to kickstart your Curve journey!

    Please note that this is a paid partnership between Curve and MoneyMagpie.

    Disclaimer: MoneyMagpie is not a licensed financial advisor, and therefore the information contained herein, including opinions, comments, suggestions, or strategies, is for information, entertainment, or educational purposes only. This should not be viewed as financial advice. Anyone considering investing should do their own due diligence.


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