Free Morrisons pizza kits halfway through the semester


During this half of February, Morrisons is giving away 60,000 pizza kits to families across the UK.

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Since there are no free vouchers for school meals this half year, the supermarket is helping children with a free meal to avoid holiday hunger.

Morrison Pizza Kits

Free pizza kits

The pizzas are freshly prepared every day by the staff at the pizza counter.

Each of the pizza kits contains two servings. They started in Scotland this week and will start next week for England and Wales in line with the half-time break.

There are either vegetarians or hot peppers to choose from. The kits contain ready-made pizza dough and the toppings kids can make at home.

A recipe card will also come with cooking instructions and details of a competition that families can take part in on social media to win Morrison’s £ 100 vouchers.

To win the vouchers, you need to post a picture on Instagram with the hashtag #PizzaKitWin showing your pizza creation.

Here is an example:

Kits are shipped to local schools and community groups through the Morrisons Community Champions. They cannot be bought in the store.

Sian Ayling, Head of Food to Go at Morrisons, said:

“We want to ensure that as many children as possible have access to the food they need during the half-time break. That’s why we offer these pizza sets to those who need them in our communities and we want to encourage as many people as possible to join our competition. «

Morrisons Pick Up Packs

Morrisons Pick Up Packs

Image via Morrisons

If you are in-store shopping, Morrisons can buy pre-made grocery bags for easier donation to grocery banks.

Each local food bank has different needs (and many of them have too much pasta and rice).

Instead of figuring out what they want, your store creates “pick up packs” that cost between £ 1 and £ 5 and contain groceries that people really need.

You can either pick one up at the beginning of your store or you can find it at the checkout. Once you’ve paid for it, the pack will be set aside and picked up by the grocery bank.

Cheap food

Consider a Too Good to Go Magic Bag if you’re looking for cheap food over half the semester.

Not sure what to get in a bag, but you can find groceries close to use by the best before date.

We had a couple and they can be hit and miss. If you can get a good bag, it’s great!


COVID Winter Grant Scheme

Although families don’t get free school meals during the February semester, families can use the COVID Winter Grant Scheme to get meals and other essentials.

Instead of vouchers or food baskets from schools, support is offered by the local authorities.

The grant fund can help with fuel costs and food for vulnerable families.

Contact your local council for assistance.

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