Friends, customers and rule breakers | Wealth professional


    3. The pop quiz. Of course, the above arrangement seems to be suspended when the stock market has a free fall. You call while you’re in bed and having an early night. “How am I doing? What’s my account value?”

    You can address this together online. Let them know. A good strategy is to explain that it is better if you sit at your desk in the office in the morning. This way you can access the research and are not pressed for time.

    It’s also good to schedule regular portfolio reviews. You can mention that a full review is scheduled in 9 days, but if this is really important to you, you can compile the report and move the schedule forward. Customers often prefer to wait for a thorough, pre-prepared analysis rather than something that is put together in a hurry.

    4. Confidentiality. You became your customer because your boyfriend is already a customer of yours. You volunteer in the museum’s capital city campaign. You intend to ask a great contribution from your mutual friend. They call you and ask, “How much money does she have? You must know.”

    It’s a matter of confidentiality, but they feel like friends bend the rules for friends. A good strategy is to explain the confidentiality aspect. Turn the situation around. If the same friend rated her for a charitable “request”, she would be comfortable if I shared details about her financial situation and the size of the account. The answer is usually “No way!” That should be the end of the matter.


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