Get a planning app … and USE it!


from Beks

Did you know that using a planning app can change your life? Yes, I am very serious. There are two apps without which I would be completely lost if they disappeared from my phone (or my computer). I’ve talked at length about my budgeting app, YNAB, and the fact that staying on budget is of vital importance.

I haven’t talked much about the Cozi scheduling app, even though I use it all the time. Here’s the deal, I don’t care if you’re using Cozi or some other app. It is important to me that you use an app to organize your life.

I am a tactile person. When I study a book, it has to be a physical copy. Sure, I know Kindle makes highlights and can export those highlights, etc., but my brain has to touch a book to understand it. Maybe the whole idea of ​​learning through osmosis has something to offer. I made no exception to my planning habits. I had a nice paper planner on my desk that I loved for years. I loved handwriting each appointment and color coding it. I loved flipping the pages to see what the future holds. My garage is full of these planners from years past. The problem with this is that it was a complete waste if I didn’t have my planner with me. My husband kept calling to ask if we had anything planned on a particular day. Whenever someone asked me to plan something over the weekend, I desperately emailed my work email so I could write it down in my planner on Monday morning. It was a hot mess. A mess that I loved, but a mess nonetheless.

Why did I give up? Why did I give up on my beautiful planner? And what the hell does that have to do with money?!?!

A $ 45 medical appointment.

My “perfect” system was terribly far from perfect. I didn’t have my phone to email a doctor’s appointment and I missed it … and I paid $ 45 for a missed appointment. Pooh. Sure, there were a lot of missed appointments with friends, with family, with school, but when I started being bombarded with fees, I realized that I couldn’t “tactilely” win in this situation.

We switched to Cozi and I was mad at myself for holding out for so long. Now, when I sign up for one of those hiking memberships or magazine subscriptions that are auto-renewing, I’ll add a reminder about a month before the auto-renewal so I can cancel.

My husband doesn’t have to call me while he’s at the doctor’s office with the kids to schedule their next appointment. He just pulls up the app on his phone and finds a place on our schedule. Each person has a color so we can see who is doing what and when. We can also automatically notify each other when we plan something via the app. That’s really crap if I’m to say he didn’t tell me he was planning dinner with his parents. The app tells him that I’ve been notified. ;; )

Between homeschooling, work, travel, COVID, four kids, and a million other things, it’s just damn nice to feel like I’m in complete control of a tiny part of my life. This has to do with your budget. Being disorganized costs money.


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