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    NerdWallet is here to help you win Black Fridaywhile your budget stays intact. We spend the time, you save the money. Regularly check out Christmas shopping tips and announcements about your favorite retailers. Black Friday is November 26th.

    Apple products are so popular that the company typically doesn’t post Black Friday or Christmas sales until the last minute. And even then, the push is pretty cool. While many third-party vendors are (slightly) discounting some devices, Apple Stores and the website maintain their cautious attitude.

    However, there are ways to get an Apple Black Friday deal. Here’s what we found

    What are Apple’s opening times on Black Friday 2021?

    The opening times of the Apple Store vary depending on the location. For example, the Fifth Avenue store in New York is always open. Other places have more typical opening times – open at 8 or 10 a.m. and close in the early evening. Store hours of operation may also depend on local health and safety measures, according to the Apple Store website.

    What are Apple’s Black Friday 2021 deals?

    Apple offerings are volatile due to high demand and fluctuating inventory levels. So a discount or special offer may be gone soon after you find out about it.

    Apple recently published the following offers on its website:

    • A 64GB iPad mini for $ 499.

    • The Series 7 Apple Watch starts at $ 399.

    • The HomePod mini speaker, available in five colors for $ 99.

    • The 32GB 4K Apple TV starts at $ 179. (Remember, this is a component that will require an HD or better TV.)

    Note that the above offers don’t mention any price savings. So there are no discounts from Apple. For these you will need to contact outside retailers. Some advertised offers so far:

    • Apple AirPods Max over-ear headphones for $ 479 at Amazon ($ 70 savings). Some models include six months of Apple Music for free. Amazon had discounted the same AirPods to $ 429.98 at one point, but that price didn’t last long.

    • Amazon has also marked AirPods Pro earbuds priced at $ 189.99 to $ 199.99 (savings of $ 49.01 to $ 59.01). There’s this price volatility that we mentioned.

    • A MacBook Pro with a 16-inch display and 16 GB of storage for $ 2,299.99 at Best buy ($ 500 savings).

    Nerdy tip: Apple has a handy one sort by date table so you know the latest date, you can place a holiday order for a specific item and get free home delivery. Some Apple Store locations offer pickup and next-day delivery within two hours.

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    How to save money on Apple

    Since discounts are so thin, how can you do that? save real money on Apple products? Consider buying certified refurbished. You can get hold of Macs, iPads, iPhones, and all other previous generation Apples with savings of hundreds of dollars. And the “like new” technology comes with a one-year guarantee.

    • Trade in your old gear (if eligible) and receive purchase credit that counts towards an Apple Gift Card to save even more.

    • The Veterans and Military Purchase Program grants a 10% discount to consumers associated with the military and their immediate family members.

    • Use an Apple Card and get 3% cashback.

    • Look for offers from wireless carriers. For example, AT&T offers a trade-in credit of up to $ 800 for a new iPhone 13 or 13 Pro. T-Mobile and Verizon offer similar credits.

    What were Apple’s Black Friday 2020 deals?

    Last year, Apple’s Black Friday sale was a four-day event. Instead of offering a discount, all the deals we could find included an Apple Gift Card with one purchase. The only other special advertised was a free personal engraving.

    As usual, it fell to the major phone operators and retailers to offer discounts in 2020, including:

    • AT&T offered up to $ 700 in credit for an eligible smartphone trade-in with an upgraded or new connector and the purchase of an iPhone 12.

    • Best Buy had discounts of up to $ 250 on select MacBook Pros and up to $ 150 on select iPad Pros.

    • Walmart sold AirPods Pro for $ 169 ($ 50 savings) and Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS) for $ 119 ($ 60 savings), both online only.

    • Amazon sold a 2017 iPad Pro for $ 680.84 ($ 98.16 savings).


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