Gluskin Sheff launches new donor advised fund


    With a minimum contribution of $ 100,000, Gluskin Sheff customers and prospects can work with a Gluskin Sheff representative to set up and personalize a DAF by recommending which charities they would like to benefit from their gift and indicating if they are want to remain anonymous or not. With a 35 year track record of providing investment management services to high net worth clients, Gluskin Sheff also offers many donors the peace of mind to further maximize their charitable giving.

    “For many individuals, families and organizations, advisory funds offer an attractive alternative to the administrative, cost, and time-consuming process of setting up and managing a private family foundation,” said Tiffany Harding, vice president and director of wealth planning at Gluskin Sheff. “We want to empower our customers and create an opportunity for strategic philanthropy driven by family values ​​and teaching financial responsibility across generations.”

    Through its partnership with the GSFFP, Gluskin Sheff also believes it can attract and retain customers and build multi-generational relationships by involving families in philanthropic planning. Because GSFFP has appointed Gluskin Sheff to manage its assets, Gluskin Sheff receives investment management fees for funds invested through GSSFP’s DAF.

    “At Gluskin Sheff, we have long been philanthropic and support our clients in every aspect of their lives,” said Moody. “It is important to us to understand our clients’ financial goals, to simplify their asset management journey and to ensure that their legacy is preserved for generations to come.”


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