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We really enjoyed our break last year. We need to disconnect, support local support, and feel normal. As we near the pandemic anniversary, we are going a little bit crazy again. I just got the news that my work from home is being extended so we decided to go for the summer.

My sister’s family has a cabin in the Great Lakes area they spend the summers and they invited us to stay with them – bonus, they have stable WIFI. Other than gasoline (and some extra truck maintenance) and travel groceries, our budget won’t be a big hit. My nephew is having financial problems losing his job due to the pandemic and needs shelter on short notice. We asked him if he would be interested in staying in our house while we were away. He’s got his head straight and goes to college all day so I have no concerns about him staying with us. It will be nice when someone takes care of the house and they need shelter so that it is a win-win situation. We also have cameras all over the house, so it would be damn difficult for him to throw a party without us knowing right away.

Before we paid off our debts, we made something up and just did it. Go to Hawaii? For sure! Pull out the credit card! Go to mexico? Why not!? Pull out the credit card! We would take care of the financial consequences upon our return. We need to turn the script around now that we are debt free. If we want to do a special trip, we have to plan it and set a budget. If we don’t, we won’t go.

My husband has taken on many day labor jobs in order to make extra money in addition to his part-time night job. We’re thinking of taking the time to come home and spend some time in Voyager National Park as well as Rocky Mountain National Park. If he can’t make enough, we’ll change our plans to suit what he was able to bring together. Living debt free isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, but getting home to a mailbox with no credit card bills is much better.

We are coming this season. When you start planning your summer vacation this year, I hope you turn your script around. Budget, earn enough to pay for it, then travel. Have fun planning.


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