Good financial read: Let’s talk about portfolio composition


    Let's talk about the composition of the portfolio

    Realignment of the investment portfolio: passive vs. active

    by Rob Stoll, Financial Design Studio

    One of the most important aspects of investing your money for long-term goals like retirement is making sure you rebalance your portfolio frequently. This way you are on track and you are not taking too much or too little risk with your investments.

    So let’s look at an example of how this might work:

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    What doesn’t belong in your portfolio

    by Britton Gregory, Seaborn Financial

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    Should I consolidate my investment accounts?

    by Brian Berkenhoff, Birch Investment Management

    Would you like more free time? This non-financial reason can be the most important one. If your investment accounts are scattered, think about all of the emails, emails, passwords, and documents that you need to keep track of. As a financial advisor, I’ve invested heavily in software that tracks my investments. The average investor needs a good spreadsheet and lots of storage space.

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    Diversified and steadily wins the race

    by Massi De Santis, DESMO investment advisor

    We recently talked about the difficulty that high valuations and low interest rates pose for investors, and how to approach them. In this post, we’ll dig deeper into the effectiveness of two key levers that we discussed: staying invested and being diversified. We never know exactly when an investment is over- or undervalued. And when we look at historical returns, you can be missing out on great returns if you are not consistently invested and not to time the market. In addition, not all investments react equally and simultaneously to economic events. A broadly diversified portfolio of different types of stocks and bonds in many countries can help offset the effects of uncertainty surrounding specific markets.

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    It’s time to intelligently rebalance your portfolio. Here’s why, when, and how.

    by Massi De Santis, DESMO investment advisor

    When should you rebalance your investments? As with many questions, it’s best to start with the why. Why should we rebalance at all? Your asset allocation, i.e. the distribution of your savings across different investments, is a central element of an investment strategy. It represents the risk-return tradeoff that you will want to make in order to meet your investment goals. As a rule, you can access your asset allocation via a process This includes setting goals and understanding your risk tolerance and ability to take risks. Your asset allocation, not the timing of market cycles or stock selection, determines 90% of your investment’s performance in good times and bad.

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