Good financial results: budgeting and wealth accumulation


Budgeting and wealth building

Investing Successfully: The Value of a 5 Year Cash Flow Plan

by Joe Morgan, Best Financial Life

I am often asked, “Where should I put my money when I am going to buy some money? [house, boat, car, etc.] in two years? “My answer is always,” Put it in your savings account so you know it’s there when you need it. “

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The three levels of wealth

by John Burns, Oakview Wealth Solutions

In 2009, a Canadian businessman named Stewart Butterfield tried to start an MMORPG (massively multiplayer online roleplaying game for strangers) that eventually closed after not attracting enough players.

That was Butterfields second Trying to create an MMORPG. The first attempt took place in 2002 and was also successful.

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How to do a weekly financial review + free template

by Brian Berkenhoff, Birch Investment Management, LLC

I’ve spent countless hours tracking my cash flow and budget. Over the years I have tried all of the personal financial planning tools. Quicken, Microsoft Money, iBank, Mint, personal capital, eMoney. The list goes on. In the early days, all of my receipts had to be physically entered. In the later years, all of my banking transactions that were downloaded into the software were categorized.

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[PODCAST] Do you want to build wealth? Then create this

by Eric Roberge, Beyond Your Hammock

Most people assume that all they have to do is make a high income and then they get rich. Unfortunately, building wealth isn’t always that easy (especially if you do it from scratch).

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