Google SEO Trends will rank higher in search engines in 2021


    Ranking at the top of Google is one of the most common goals for website owners, bloggers, and businesses on the Internet. Not only is this one of the highest priorities, it’s also one of the most complicated tasks. Since Google is constantly changing its algorithm, this is just harder to achieve.

    However, thanks to the multitude of online SEO websites and resources, the news keeps breaking with new updates and changes to the algorithms are taking place.

    And even with Google algorithm updates being made from time to time, having a solid and effective SEO strategy is still one of the best ways to get better results every day.

    As an SEO professional or website owner, you need to check for the latest Google updates and trends that can help you get higher search engine rankings for your websites in 2021.

    5 top Google SEO trends to rank higher in search engines in 2021

    Having said all of the above, now is the time to cover some of the top talking points and trends in search engine optimization that matter today.

    In this article I am going to give a brief overview of the Google SEO Trends 2021 that will surely help you update your client’s website to rank higher in search engines.

    Let’s begin!

    Focus on user and search intent

    Creating and delivering content according to user intent can be the key factor for higher rankings.

    According to Google updates in 2020, websites with better and updated search intent were found to rank higher after the algorithm update.

    If you want to win in SEO in 2021, providing quality information to users can create a win-win for you. And as we all know, content creation is one of the most basic and simple foundations of ranking on Google.

    According to SEO BrisbaneThe better the quality of the content you create, the better. However, it’s also important to make sure you have engaging content with more than 1,000 words per article, and include graphics and videos where possible.

    In 2021, SEO pros who can truly meet a seeker’s needs will succeed.

    Hence, Google can even better know when people are looking for expert advice and put those articles on top of articles by authors who lack EAT.

    Core web vitale as a Google ranking factor in 2021

    In the 2020 update, Google introduced three new factors called Core Web Vitals.

    What is the purpose of these metrics?

    Loading, interactivity, and visual stability make for a better user experience.

    In simple terms, Core Web Vitals mean page speed. Now Google also monitors how fast your website page loads and gives a ranking based on their ranking.

    For example, two pages with the same keyword compete with almost the same content coverage, and then the top web vitalities help Google bots decide which page to rank.

    If you want to get higher rankings and sales as an SEO pro in 2021, you need to make page speed a priority.

    Google only wants original content.

    Think for a minute, want to buy a cell phone with the same specs that you already have? Of course not, because you’ll be trying to find a new one with better specs and software updates.

    That’s what Google wants from you.

    • Why does Google rate content that is somewhat close to what is already on the web higher than the original content?
    • Why does someone bother to look beyond the top results?
    • Does Google rank your content above articles that are currently in the ranking?

    A great way to answer these questions and monitor your results as positions and keywords keep changing is to use a SERP review tool like Zutrix’s.

    Hence, the content must be genuine, helpful, and beneficial to the users. With a tracking solution in place, you can also monitor which type of content creation is doing best and performing best.

    Google voice search

    According to a recent study, almost 27% of the world’s population use Google voice search for their queries.

    Most of the queries are lengthy and specific.

    In 2021 SEO professionals need to take this into account and update their content according to voice search.

    Voice search optimization continues to grow, and soon more people will be choosing it.

    Hence, this could be the necessary point in terms of SEO in 2021.

    Artificial intelligence

    AI is changing the SEO and marketing sector in the same way as the rest of the world.

    The explanation for the effect of AI is the originality it offers.

    Here’s a simple reality: Google uses AI to provide searchers with the information they want.

    You may be wondering how AI can add to SEO strategies?

    It takes years to learn how search engines rate web pages.

    And then developing suitable plans takes a lot of time.

    While SEO pros can help with certain techniques, AI and machine learning can change the game.

    It will be much more effective and effective when it comes to manipulating algorithms and developing practical approaches.

    Final verdict on what’s most important in SEO in 2021

    The following trends need to be considered for better ranking and sales in 2021 and in the years to come.

    Keeping up with these trends will increase your website traffic.

    Thank you for reading this article.

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