Hardship grants available: January 2022


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    People often start Googling terms like «get money now» and «get money fast» and read our many suggestions for often fun ways to make money quickly. However, many people do not realize that there are hardship cases in difficult times.

    At MoneyMagpie, it’s a priority to wrap these up for our readers and help you get back on your feet.

    National hardship grants:

    Glass pool

    Glasspool provides grants to residents of the United Kingdom. There are no restrictions on who they give these to, but they cannot support all applicants. You can provide a small allowance for household items and essentials including, but not limited to: beds and bedding, school uniforms, stoves, and baby supplies. Access more information here.

    Regional hardship grants:

    Catholic Children’s Society (Plymouth)

    The CCS aims to alleviate the pressing needs of families by providing them with vital goods that for various reasons they may not be able to buy themselves. A grant can be granted for white goods, bed linen and clothing, among other things. More information can be found here.

    Emily Bolitho Trust

    The Trust provides grants of up to £ 500 to support the welfare of those who live in the old borough of Penzance. You support people who are in need due to poor health or a low income. They are offered for many items, from white goods to safety equipment. It has an rolling deadline and more information can be found here.

    Cornwall rural community charity

    The CRCC offers different types of grants based on the needs of each individual. For example, the Carers Resilience Enablement Grant provides assistance in the event of unforeseen circumstances that prevent unpaid caregivers from fulfilling their role. This can range from replacing devices to short-term maintenance. For more information, follow the link here.

    Family hardship grants

    Family fund

    The UK Charity Family Fund supports families with disabled children. Grants were awarded for a range of items including sensory toys, family vacations, outdoor play equipment, clothing, and more. Their goal is to support families and make a real difference. The application deadline is still running, you can find more information here.

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