Have you been transferred from a Bosen supplier to a new energy company? Make sure you’re not paying twice


    When a provider goes bankrupt, the regulator Ofgem usually selects a new provider to take over the failed company’s customers, and the new provider is responsible for transferring customers from the old company, including automatically transferring direct debits. For this reason, according to the regulatory authority, it is usually not necessary to cancel your direct debit.

    However, we have heard from customers of various companies who have collected direct debit payments from both providers. The providers we spoke to told us that this would only happen if you set up a new direct debit yourself with the new provider after they set you up with an account (at least as a company’s online system requires for new customers ), otherwise your old direct debit will eventually be transferred automatically.

    So if your provider has recently gone bankrupt and you set up a new direct debit with the new provider, check your bank statement now to make sure you are not still paying your old provider. If so, Ofgem says that you can cancel the direct debit with the old provider and that any funds (e.g. overpayments) that you have built up will be protected and will eventually be transferred to your new account.

    To be clear, this is not about getting your final invoice from your old supplier and prepaying your new supplier – it’s about paying twice as the old company does the regular payment and the new supplier does the regular payment also.

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