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    Stop suffering from imposter syndrome! Get out there, own your style and live your life!

    Read on, my friend, because today I am going to teach you how to overcome impostor syndrome and have your expertise. You will also learn how to apply your knowledge in your company to make more money.

    The problem many of you have is that you keep thinking that you are not enough and that you are not doing enough. We women tend to struggle with impostor syndrome and perfectionism. It would be helpful if you learned how to package and sell yourself. Have your expertise and know that there are skills and processes that you need to constantly improve. Then you can move forward and make a difference in your company, although you still have to make changes.

    Have your expertise to make money

    If you don’t have your expertise, let your impostor syndrome get in the way; Your bank account suffers, but something else happens when you don’t have your expertise – you are robbing those who need your help. That was a big lesson for me over the weekend when my team and I attended a Grant Cardone workshop.

    It is not easy to have your expertise as we keep reminding ourselves and coming back to this area. So start by making a plan! We’re getting bigger. We will serve more people. That’s how we’re going to do it. And when you start thinking about options and possibilities, that impostor syndrome will start to go away and then you can make more money. We’ll have more customers, get the right people, and make the right connections.

    I would not be able to change the whole development of my company if I had not had a happy moment at the Grant Cardone workshop last weekend. I went my fucking path and knew how good I am and how much I deserve to be in this room, in this room.

    Play big with your expertise in your business

    I’m super excited when I see customers play big because they can serve more people. If you feel like a cheat, you are playing small. When I’m not motivated to do things, I know there is a cheat syndrome. We have to overcome impostor syndrome to move forward because it affects everything we do on a daily basis.

    Invest in yourself to overcome imposter syndrome

    I’ve probably spent more money on mentoring in the past 24 months than in my entire life. The caveat is that I won’t sign up for everything. I know exactly what I need help with in my company and in this case it’s mindset, team building and scaling.

    Pay attention to the missing skills, the very special bottleneck, and sign up for a focused coaching that will take you over your business bottleneck. Look for ways to do it, not just for more knowledge, and avoid signing up for every good-sounding course – you don’t want to waste your time on workshops that won’t get you anywhere in your company. A lot of knowledge and no implementation leaves you walking on a working treadmill.

    Everyone has expertise in one area

    If you’re an expert in an industry, you know what principles work. So you have to rely on these particular principles to work for you and you have to trust yourself, trust the evidence and the results.

    Business expertise doesn’t require big egos

    Are there people who are selfish in business and sales when it comes to business and sales?

    Yes, please. They are selfish people everywhere. However, if you are a good salesperson then you understand that it is not about the ego. Your job should focus on selfless service. Once your ego gets involved, you’re going to screw up the sales. It’s not about you, about being right. Appear and serve because when you come out of a room of service to others you feel creative and energetic – as if you are doing something extraordinary.

    How important it is to test your ideas in the marketplace

    Test your ideas in the marketplace and get clarity from your marketplace about their problems and how to solve them to avoid failing a product or online course. It’s not that you are wrong with your idea. If it doesn’t sell, you need to ask your market. You teach them to solve their problems.

    That is why we at Persuade to profit start with a market research phase. So now we get to your damn problem? How long have you had the problem?

    Why didn’t you do anything to fix the problem? What do you think would solve this? We come in there to see how good your expertise is and what you are good at advising other people’s problems. At this point, you can begin sales pitches knowing how to deal with their problem.

    Use your expertise to solve problems

    You want to know your prospects better than they know themselves. Then you will learn how to use your expertise and skills to solve their problems.

    Knowing what you can do and bringing your superpowers to market will make you feel good. When you are comfortable with what you do and how you serve, it becomes easier to get into the media

    Accelerate your authority and expertise through media opportunities

    Speed ​​up your authority by walking into the room with some heavy thugs so they can hear what you have to say. On a practical level, this builds your authority in building your business – and makes it easier to sell because people will recognize you when you work on the media with podcast interviews and align with other heavy-hitters.

    Once you have more clarity about what you are doing, you will learn what you need to know to move your business forward. Be focused and choose to learn sales skills and fill your pipeline. Make sure you talk to people about your offers.

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