Here’s how to chat with men for money


    chat with men for money

    There are many different ways to make extra cash that you may not have heard of. For example, you can chat with men for money. The hottest trend right now is to set up an OnlyFans account that allows you to video chat with fans. However, there are many more private services that you can use to exchange text chats, voice calls, and other layers of communication for cash. If you like that, check out the options below. However, be sure to consider the pros and cons that come with the reality of this sideline.

    How to chat with men for money

    Obviously, this is one of those ways to make money that some people are uncomfortable with. Is it some form of sex work? Not necessarily. It is a huge gray area and you can make many decisions within that gray area in order to stay in your own comfort zone.

    In general, this article is for women who want to chat with men for money, although of course there are all different gender configurations for this type of sideline. The websites listed below primarily provide an opportunity for women to meet men who are paying for their company / companionship. This doesn’t necessarily have to go further than talking.

    The key to making extra money this way is to search a larger database and find a safe and comfortable working relationship. Additionally, you should do a lot of searching for souls to make sure that you have established the boundaries that you need to be satisfied with this type of work.

    Where to find men to chat with for money

    If you think this type of arrangement might be suitable for you, the first thing you should do is check out the following websites. This includes websites that range from paid online chats to all-out sugar daddy situations.


    ChatOperatorJobs hires women to text chat with different men. To be eligible, you must be at least 25 years old and be able to reply to at least 75 text messages per week. Operators will receive $ 0.20 per text answered and will be paid through PayPal. The great thing about it is that the work is completely flexible. They’re waiting for Chatters to contact you. You write with them. Then you get paid. As simple as that.

    Chat recruit

    Chat Recruit offers a number of chat options. You can chat with men via text, phone, or video. However, there is no need to video chat if this is not a layer of communication with which you are familiar. Chatters can make $ 2 per minute and are paid via international bank transfer if they are outside of Europe and the UK. European residents can be paid by direct deposit. As with most of these gigs, your schedule is completely flexible.

    I’m looking for an arrangement

    Seeking Arrangement is known as a “Sugar Daddy” dating site. This means that women register to chat (and possibly date) with wealthy, eligible bachelors. According to the website, some of the “daddies” are also Fortune 400 billionaires. Of course there is no basic wage for this. Most of the time, you and the “dad” negotiate conditions privately. It also means that you are privately negotiating exactly what you are being paid for. If you have strict boundaries and clear communication, you may find it easy to make good money from this website.

    What is your price

    What is your price allows you to buy and sell first dates. After you’ve created a profile, publish your price and other site members make offers. If you accept the offer, you will receive payment and make an appointment with the bidder. This service puts you in control of how much you make on a date. Hence, you partially control how much you can earn month to month.

    Miss Travel

    Miss Travel does not pay you direct money to chat with men. However, it does provide an opportunity to meet some interesting people. The website connects individuals with a shared love of travel and helps them plan a vacation together. If you are lucky, they can even pay for your trip in full! Hence, you can use this website to essentially get paid to be a travel companion for a man.

    chat with men for money

    Dream lover

    This website is a little more personal than some of the others on the list. Instead of focusing on chatting / texting, Dream Lover focuses on the women as models and encourages chatters to share photos via text. Women from all over the world are accepted. You only have to be 18 or older to apply. The payout for this website depends on the people you interact with. The level of chat communication also varies.


    While it probably doesn’t show up on Fiverr every day, you can still post your flirting or chat services on the website. Label it with appropriate keywords like “Flirt” or “Chat” or “Text”. The Description section allows you to go into more detail about the services you want to provide, as well as your pricing. Your base price can be $ 5 for five minutes of talk time, and then you can have add-ons for extra time or services. After ordering, set up a time to chat with them and provide the buyer with your payment details.


    FlirtBucks is one of the most popular chat services around. According to users, it’s easy to use and you control how much money you can make. As a chat hostess, you need to have good writing skills, a fun personality, and the ability to have a conversation. FlirtBucks also requires that each of its hostesses be at least 18 years old. The conversation is conducted through a chat console on the website, or video chat and hostesses can choose which days to work.

    You can choose to have a video chat or join a regular chat. Your pay will depend on the type of chat and the length of time you are active in the company. After six months, text chatters can make up to $ 0.15 per minute. Video chatters tend to earn more. All hostesses have the opportunity to maximize their earnings by chatting with multiple people at the same time. Payment is made via PayPal.

    chat with men for money

    Lip service

    Paying lip service is a fitting service. It helps chat agencies find qualified chatters. You must be at least 18 years old to apply on the website. Some services may require you to be 21 years of age. You must also be in the United States or Canada. Once your pre-registration has been approved, someone from Lip Service will call you to hear your voice on the phone. You are given certain payment information when you match a customer. Most of the clients who line up with Lip Service allow flexible hours.


    The idea behind MyGirlFund is that men find Internet girlfriends. Some women have been able to make up to $ 40,000 a year by chatting with men through the website. Usually the men on this website are too busy or just not ready to get involved with a woman for any reason.

    Women interested in MyGirlFund can create a profile. Usually it is mentioned that they are raising money for something that they need. It has been the experience of some women that men on the website send money for no other reason than to make them feel special. If you connect with the right man, he can even repay your student loan.

    MyGirlFund does not allow you to disclose or share any personal information on the website. Some men may ask content or photos / videos. There is no need for a woman to send photos or videos on the website if she is not comfortable doing it. As mentioned above, the amount you can earn from this service varies widely and depends on the men who are interested in speaking to you.


    Phrendly makes it easy to chat with men for money. It’s a smartphone app that lets you search a community of people to chat with. If someone sends you a message first, you can make money. In addition, other Phrendly members can send you virtual drinks with a cash value of $ 5. Some people may send money or virtual items in hopes of getting nude photos or videos, but like the other companies on this list, there is no need to provide photos. The app is only available for iPhone and Apple products. Android users can access the community through the desktop site.


    Text121Chat has vacancies from time to time. The service usually looks for a wide variety of operators willing to text or phone calls with adults. Most of the operators are in the United States and the United Kingdom. If you are bilingual this is a plus but not a requirement. They just ask for a pleasant speaking voice, high-speed Internet access, and good communication skills. The operators have to commit to 2,000 to 3,000 texts or messages per month. Payment is approximately $ 0.07 per message. So if you commit to the lowest number of messages (2,000), that can bring in about an extra $ 140 per month.

    chat with men for money

    Flirt for cash for you?

    There is no doubt that this type of sideline is not for everyone. It is important not to give up any values ​​you may hold and to avoid anything that makes you feel uncomfortable or insecure.

    If you don’t shy away from the idea of ​​flirting for money, there are great opportunities for making extra cash. However, make sure to connect to a reputable service and protect yourself.

    Avoid fraud

    As you can imagine, the chat / flirting industry is full of scams and people who are stealing your information or you just don’t want to pay you. Take the following precautions to protect yourself against fraud.

    • Use a safe website and do your research before you start.
    • Look for reviews from people who have worked with them in the past.
    • Don’t give out extremely personal information (you may not even want to use your real name while chatting).
    • Use Skype or another instant messaging service to protect your contact information and phone number.
    • If you are not feeling well, don’t! Remember, you can stop at any time.

    Chatting with men or women for extra money can be a lucrative sideline. If you have enough free time and are comfortable, you could be making a few hundred extra dollars a month.

    Other great ways to make extra cash

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