Here’s how to create a blog post template to save time


How do I create a blog post template?

I’ve talked about this briefly before, but creating a blog post template just documents your content creation process and breaks down each step.

I started my blogging journey in 2011 on a website I still run, Frugal Fanatic. I’ve pumped out several blog posts. A. Week! Not only was it unsustainable, but I was literally involved in the process everywhere that would lead to burnout

My content has been the backbone of the growth of this blog. So if I wasn’t consistent it meant I couldn’t market my blog. I wouldn’t have a new post on my blog, I wouldn’t have content for my newsletter, I wouldn’t have any content for my social media accounts, etc.

My blog posts were the core content that I would use to serve all of my other marketing channels.

After creating a workflow for my content, it was so easy to market my blog and increase my traffic.

It helped me a lot that I created a mini-course for bloggers called Content Mastery to teach people how to plan, produce, and promote their content like a boss.

The mini-course not only increases the traffic with your content, it also helps you to implement a whole system for your content process. You’ll find more about it here.

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What does a blog post template include?

It’s a list of tasks that you can do every time you create new content. The point is to keep it realistic and adapt it to YOUR process.

You have to take on every task that you normally do and see how far you can break it down.

For example, you may have “write content down” as one of the tasks you perform. But that’s a BIG job when it comes to content creation.

You can break it down into different tasks like these:

  • Research content

  • Outline content

  • Write the first draft

  • Edit content

This also applies to funding. You don’t want to just put “Promote Blog Post” on your calendar. You want to break it down into all the steps on how to promote it:

  • Schedule the post on Facebook

  • Draw quotes for Instagram

  • Share with your email list

How to make your own blog post template

One of the easiest ways to do this is to go through the process from start to finish and document each step.

This allows you to build a list in the order in which you complete each task.

As you go through the process, you can even add tasks that you would like to do but not always get done.

Try to be as specific as possible. I showed you how to break a task into separate steps.

This is what will help you get the tasks done without it feeling overwhelming.

After I completed this process and completed all of my tasks, I added my blog post template to Asana.

Personally, I LOVE asana.

It totally revitalized my business and helped me become so much more productive.

Here is an example of the tasks in my blog post template in Asana:


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