Here’s how to prepare for an interview and land your dream job


Did you know that top performers do 80% of the work? In front do you even go to an interview? Knowing how to prepare for an interview can help ensure that that all-important first meeting is a success.

How to prepare for an interview in 5 steps

Here are five steps to preparing for an interview so you can play the game better than any other candidate and get your dream job.

1. Go into the interviewer’s mind

There’s not much difference between phone, face-to-face, or video interviews. Telephone interviews are usually an initial screening tool before a video or face-to-face interview. In all cases, hiring managers and potential employers share the same concerns.

  • Can you do the job
  • Are you professional
  • Are you paying attention
  • Are you going to stay a while or do I have to go hunting for a replacement soon?
  • Are you invested in the company or just here for the paycheck?
  • Are you a team player and easy to get along with?
  • Are you a problem solver? Or do you come to me with every little thing?

As you prepare for an interview, your job is to ponder the question behind the question and come up with answers that pinpoint the hiring manager’s fears.

Let’s take the most common interview question of all: “Tell me about yourself.”

First of all, Ramit would likely go insane if you were caught off guard by a question you knew you were going to get. Second, do you think they would like to learn about your favorite ice cream flavor and how to be a master wood master in your spare time? (unless, of course, you apply for a carpenter’s job)


They want to know if you are professional and can do the job. It’s a great question to highlight your skills and experience.

And you can bet potential employers will have red flag questions on your resume. Not because they want to see you break out in a cold sweat. they want They need to be as successful as you are in order for them to get back to work on their desk.

2. Write your answers

Once you’ve figured out how to get into the hiring manager’s head with your answer to “Tell me about yourself”, then come up with 10 questions you are likely to be asked. Your goal is to make yourself a hero in all answers and to make your accomplishments, efforts and skills shine. Finding the perfect answer is just a matter of compliance these three steps::

Step 1: Find the question behind the question
Step 2: Write a simple answer in English
Step 3: Polish your answer

Take the “What’s your biggest weakness?” Question. Here’s what you don’t want to answer:

“I am a perfectionist.”

As if they’d never heard it a thousand times before.

The employer wants to know if your weakness is hindering you at work. A simple answer would be:

“Still, I’ve always performed well as an employee, but I know that I could do more and be more efficient if I had better organizational skills. I am always actively working on that. “

That’s a decent answer, but we can make it powerful by adding details to create a compelling story:

“I have successfully managed teams of 100 or more people to get projects completed on time and on budget. But I know that I am struggling with the organization and could achieve even better results if I had better systems. Although I don’t take it for granted, I’ve worked hard to make programs like Inbox zero and get things done part of my work habits. I estimate that since implementing these techniques I have improved my efficiency by 30% while spending less time on projects and increasing customer satisfaction. “

You’ll also want to prepare to talk more in depth about achievements on your resume. Bullets don’t tell the full story, so you should be done with the details. Also take a look at the job posting. What is the company looking for when renting? How can you show that it is you

3. Practice, practice, practice!

You are not doomed to fail any interview if the interview does not come naturally to you. It’s a skill. And as a skill, you can master it.

Put on your interview outfit, practice walking into the room with a warm smile, and pretend you’re talking to your actual interviewer. Recite your questions and answers, record yourself and exercise and record with a friend. The goal is not to remember your answers word for word. You want your answers to sound clear, concise, and confident.

Man in business suit practicing interview skills in front of the mirror
Don’t be afraid to practice your interviewing skills in front of the mirror!

When playing back the recording, pay attention to more than just your words. What’s your tone Facial expression? Body language? Attitude? Are you fidgeting Any annoying habits like adding “do you know” until the end of each sentence? You want to make sure that you come across as how you intended.

4. Use the briefcase technique

And as you practice, pin down Ramits Briefcase technologyHere you – at the right time – pull a suggestion from an actual briefcase on how you can help the company achieve its goals. If you do so, you will be one step ahead of all other candidates vying for the job.

Why is it so effective? Because the interview isn’t just about you. It’s really a two-way conversation about how both parties can make each other successful.

5. Don’t forget your last minute homework

Sometimes it’s the little things that can knock you out of the game before the interview even starts. In order to be as prepared as possible, here are the three most important things to do a day or two before the interview:

  1. Include copies of your résumé, letters of reference, job-related questionsand pen and paper in your briefcase (portfolio or pocket).
  2. Just in case, get directions to the interview with a route according to Plan B. Try to arrive 30 minutes early, but don’t enter the reception area until 10 minutes before your time. This way, you can fill out all the paperwork without the interviewer feeling guilty while you wait.
  3. Find out about the company in the news and on various social media sites, and look for new or noteworthy information to add to your skills or experience.

Land your dream job

Preparing for the interview is one of the most important things you can do in your job search, but it’s only part of the win. If you need step by step from start to finish, sign up with Ramit Find your dream job So that the landing of the desired job becomes a reality.

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