Here’s what your ’90s collectibles are worth


Is there any chance you knew the last time you saw your wide-eyed Furby in your parents’ basement? Now doubles your teenage dresser as a time capsule to keep a in? Titanic T-shirt with Leo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet and the doomed ship? Could your old Sega Genesis console still be in the attic?

You might want to start looking because this Furby is worth $ 15 to $ 40, an original Titanic T-shirts (even untagged) could fetch $ 167.50, and Sega Genesis consoles cost around $ 190. These values ​​are based on an analysis of the sale prices of collectibles from the 1990s on eBay for research sponsored by Self Financial, a company that helps individuals build good credit.

The searchable research can help you sell ’90s collectibles that you can find cleaning a closet at home, and it can act as a guide when looking for vintage pieces to resell on a regular basis.

Why 90s collectibles are a hot market

“We have people who come to our sales to buy this stuff,” said Brett Kennedy of Kennedy Brothers Auctions in St. Petersburg, Florida. Everyone is looking for a side business these days. “

The company’s auctions and home sales have gone online since the pandemic, but there is still a personal preview of sales. Smart customers buy popular items and resell them on eBay or other outlets.

“We have buyers who come to our sales (online and in person) looking specifically for t-shirts. The crazier the better. Possibly it is a limited production. You can pick up these things for $ 2 or $ 3 and then sell them for $ 20, 30, or even $ 100 depending on the subject, “Kennedy said.

Concert and movie posters are also selling well. Kennedy Brothers recently sold a number of movie posters that were actually in theaters, including some from Star Wars films, for $ 850.

“The Gameboys, children, played with them over and over and were destroyed. So if you can find one that actually works, it’s worth something, ”he said. But why would anyone want to spend so much money playing a game with ’90s tech when there are so many advanced options available now?

“People buy what they remember. It brings back fond memories of their past, ”said Kennedy.

Redeem nostalgia

The upheavals of the past year have also given nostalgia an additional bonus.

“Experts tell us in times of chaos, nostalgia can be the perfect way to help people feel calm,” said Gadi Schwartz, host of The Overview, a new newscast on the Peacock streaming service.

Self Financial pinpointed the price of that nostalgia. Here is a list of some of the 90s collectibles that it has haunted.

  • Polly Pocket’s Disney Cinderella Castle, which cost $ 20 in 1995, could cost around $ 90 today.
  • Since Kobe Bryant’s death, the value of Topps cards related to Kobe has increased to an average of $ 65,600, representing a price increase of 1,311,900%.
  • Magic the Gathering Alpha Black Lotus cards are the 90s most expensive collector’s item this year. As-new conditions are sold for an average of US $ 142,500.
  • The most popular console games with the highest earnings were the Super Nintendo Entertainment System ($ 286), followed by Nintendo 64 ($ 217) and Sega Genesis ($ 190).
  • An American Girl Addy Walker doll that cost $ 100 in 1993 is now around $ 170, the most expensive doll in research.
  • Donkey Kong Country on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) is one of the most popular games sold on eBay last year. It costs an average of $ 575 without the box and $ 3,615 in like new condition.
  • If you’ve got a Patti the Platypus Beanie Baby, a non-mint version can sell for an average of $ 4,100.
  • The average music poster from famous artists like Nirvana and David Bowie costs $ 368.40, with mint condition nirvana go for a lot more.
  • A 1999 Matrix T-shirt costs an average of $ 175 and $ 300 in mint condition.
  • A Terminator ticket stub costs an average of $ 15 while a Beauty and the Beast stub costs an average of $ 13.

“We wanted to find out what treasures people can find when they clear out their children’s camps or their parents’ attics,” said Lauren Bringle, an accredited financial advisor at Self Financial. “This research shows you actual nostalgic items that have been sold since the pandemic started.”

She was surprised at the price that concert t-shirts and movie t-shirts could bring, and the fact that some ticket stubs from ’90s films sell for an average of $ 18.
We hope this encourages people to sift through their unwanted toys and collectibles to see if they have something worth some money, ”said Bringle. “Right now we could all use a little more money and it could be worth your time cleaning out your old boxes. We are sure that many mothers and fathers across the country will appreciate it too. “

Katherine Snow Smith is a freelance editor and reporter based in St. Petersburg, Florida and the author of Rules for the southern rule breaker: missteps and lessons learned.


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