HOOPP appoints new CIO | Wealth professional


    According to a statement from HOOPP, Wissell has a long track record as a market leader and innovation in public and private markets, as well as in asset allocation and portfolio construction.

    He has been with HOOPP for more than three years as Senior Vice President, Capital Markets & Total Portfolio. During this time he has established himself as an important member of the Executive Leadership Team and the Investment Management Division of HOOPP, helping to foster a culture of innovation and drive new investment strategies.

    Before joining HOOPP, Wissell held increasingly senior positions at the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan from 2002 to 2018. He has also served on numerous boards, including the Canadian Coalition for Good Corporate Governance, and was a member of the Commission’s Ontario Securities Investor Advisory Panel.

    “I am honored to be the next CIO at HOOPP and look forward to building on the success of my predecessors. HOOPP has an excellent track record of adapting to evolving market conditions and maintaining a strong funding position for our members, ”said Wissell. “It is a privilege to help Ontario healthcare workers secure their retirement, especially now that our members are going through extremely challenging times.”

    Wissell will remain a key member of the executive team but will lead the investment team and play a leading role in HOOPP’s investment strategies.


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