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    Hot bags that you can get from SaveMoneyCutCarbon at the lowest price are a great alternative to replace reusable disposable freezer bags, reusable sandwich bags, and many uses!

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    Staple bags

    SaveMoneyCutCarbon sent us the stasher bags for review.

    I was very excited to find out that we were going to test stasher bags to see how we would handle them.

    We currently use a mix of Tupperware plastic boxes, zip lock style plastic bags, and plastic wrap to carry groceries on the go and keep them in the fridge or freezer.

    It has worked for us so far, although I am aware that the options we used (although great for our budget) are not good for the environment.

    What are stasher bags?

    SaveMoneyCutCarbon hot bags are a great alternative to replacing reusable disposable freezer bags, reusable sandwich bags and an ideal replacement for ziplock bags.

    They are silicone food storage bags that do not deteriorate. They can be used in the fridge, freezer, microwave, oven and sous vide and are dishwasher safe.

    But best of all, since they are not deteriorating, they have helped keep 1 billion single-use plastics out of landfills and oceans.

    What we used them for:

    Stasher reusable sandwich bag

    As soon as the kids went back to school after the Easter break, a couple of the stasher bags in my daughter’s lunch box were immediately used.

    Before, I would have used either cling film or aluminum foil to wrap a sandwich and snack. I may have used a Tupperware pot if I had one of the right size, but try to avoid them as the ones I had either don’t fit well in the lunch box or make it heavy.

    Instead, a stasher bag is perfect for a sandwich, and a smaller snack bag is perfect for a side dish of fruit or vegetables.

    We also used the bags for leftovers.

    We have a half-gallon bag and a stand-up bag.

    The stand up was good for adding in our leftovers from dinner. Since it has a flat bottom, I didn’t have to worry about it falling into the fridge. However, this is not so important as no liquid will escape from them anyway.

    Staple bags are waterproof

    I can reheat the food directly in the microwave (leave the corner slightly open to allow steam to escape).

    The stasher bags are cleaned well in the dishwasher. I had them washed in the top rack, but they can be used on the bottom rack.

    As the reusable bags, unlike Tupperware, are safe for temperatures of up to 200 ° C, Stasher bags are suitable for sous vide and are ovenproof.

    Are stasher bags waterproof?

    To be fair, you don’t have to use them just for eating.

    If you’re planning a trip to the beach, a stasher bag might be your new best friend. Instead of storing things for or in them, you can use them to protect your phone or tablet.

    The seal is strong and won’t leak, protecting your device from water (and sand).

    In addition, you can still use the touchscreen through the stasher pocket. For your information – the half-gallon bag fits an iPad.

    Stasher Bag waterproof

    Never lose a lid again

    The benefits are many, but one thing hasn’t been mentioned in all of the marketing stuff I’ve seen.

    Tupperware boxes seem like a great way to cut down on single-use plastic, but they have their own drawbacks.

    I have boxes. I have lids.

    But for some reason we don’t have matching lids and boxes!

    It’s like socks that disappear in the washing machine.

    Stasher bags were great here. There are no lids and the bags are self-sealing, making them very easy to use.

    They take up less space than plastic boxes in the closet when not in use and are not heavy in a lunch box.

    Are Stasher Bags Worth It?

    Initially, stasher bags are more expensive upfront than cling film or a box of plastic bags, but you get a lot more for your money.

    As a member of the SaveMoneyCutCarbon Home Club you can save up to 34% on the price of Stasher Bags.

    The bags make great reusable freezer bags and can be used in the microwave, sous vide and oven. Once you’re done, you can put them in the dishwasher to clean and use again.

    You can’t just use them on food. Why not transport LEGO on day trips? Or buy some toiletries for an overnight stay? The bags are really versatile.

    Additionally, not only can you have multiple uses, but you can also cut down on your single-use plastic, which is better for the environment.

    It’s a huge savings on an item that can be used over and over and does so much!

    Are Stasher Bags Poisonous?

    Stasher bags are non-toxic and can be safely stored in food.

    Stasher bags are completely free of BPA, BPS, lead, latex and phthalates.

    They also comply with European food standards.

    Save money and save carbon

    As a member of the Home Club, you will receive amazing prizes.

    The prices are cheaper than anywhere else – they really are!

    Aside from Planet Positive’s cheaper pricing, there are other perks too, including a box of sustainable swaps when you join. The box contains 10 items to get you started reducing your carbon footprint right away and is worth € 39.99. You can also request a free welcome gift worth £ 12.95.

    We’ve had a Sustainable Swap Box before and made good use of the contents. It was great doing little swaps and we got to see what works for our budget.

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