How and when you can invest in your company


    In sports and comedy, they say that timing is everything. The same goes for the growth of a consulting firm – the decisions of when to add another team member, when to hire an executive, when to start a department are critical to the success of a growing consulting firm.

    To help entrepreneurs strive for a better business, Bluespring Wealth Partners partnered with industry expert Philip Palaveev to create a roadmap through the “dangerous middle” of the growth phase when companies struggle to make a billion dollar dollar. Business and beyond to grow.

    The “dangerous middle” – a term coined by industry guru Michael Kitces, describes the challenge of investing heavily in the company by adding operations managers, investment professionals, building a marketing department and building career paths.

    Join Stuart Silverman, President of Bluespring Wealth Partners, for a lively discussion on how to tread the treacherous path of business growth. Stuart will interview advisor Philip Palaveev, CEO of The Ensemble Practice, and entrepreneurs Mike Frazier, President & CEO of Bedell Frazier Investment Counseling, and Tom Fee, Managing Director of $ 1 billion Vector Wealth Management. We want to combine best practices and management theory with the hands-on experience of industry veterans.

    In this discussion you will learn:

    • When is the right time to hire a COO and Chief Marketing Officer?
    • What infrastructure does it take to reach a billion in assets?
    • What should be the criteria for accepting partners into the company?
    • How to manage your equity for sustainable growth and talent development

    Bluespring Wealth Partners, sponsoring this paper, is a strategic partner with the resources to raise capital, provide advisory expertise, and provide succession planning so that the company you have worked so hard to build can break through from good to great to spectacular .

    In the meantime, if you have any questions, please contact Alan Brum at [email protected] or (914) 909-1506.

    Funded by

    Stuart Silverman
    Bluespring asset partner

    Philip Palaveev
    Managing Director
    The ensemble practice

    Mike Frazier
    President and CEO
    Bedell Frazier Investment Advisory, LLC

    Tom Fee
    Managing Director
    Vector wealth management

    David Armstrong – host
    Editor-in-chief and executive director for content and user engagement


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