How can a pretty girl make money online in 2021?


    Last updated on May 10, 2021 by Justin Su

    Do you know there are lots of things that you can make money online? And if you are a pretty looking girl it can be easier for you.

    I have published many articles on on how to make money online. And today this is just another way of making money.

    Below are the methods a pretty girl makes money online.

    Sell ​​your pictures and make money

    When you’re pretty enough, selling your paintings for money is easier. There are many websites that you can use to sell your pictures online.

    Not only can you do the body images, too Sell ​​feet pictures online.

    All you need is a high resolution camera to take pictures and a nice background. The best Places to take photos are the garden, jungle, parks, mountains, near waterfalls, monuments, nature and beaches.

    Below are the websites where you can sell your pictures and make money to be a pretty girl.




    Dream time


    You can find a list of more than 15 websites that you can go to Sell ​​your pictures online here.

    Perform sexting jobs

    Sexting means receiving and sending sexually explicit messages. You can make money sexting. There are many phone sexting companies that can pay you to sexting.

    If you are over the age of 18, you can do sexting. However, some platforms only allow users 21 and older.

    I already wrote an article on how to become a sexting expert and do a sexting job online. A sexting job may not work for everyone, but it works fine if you love messages like this.

    I don’t recommend sexting jobs for anyone under the age of 21.

    Sell ​​body images

    This method of making money is for adults ready to show off their body. Yes, there are people who buy pictures of a woman’s body.

    Like bloggers, ordinary people, magazines, online websites, YouTubers, and many more.

    Your body is your art and you are the owner of that art. You can sell this art or show that it all depends on you. Selling pictures doesn’t mean showing your face.

    Below are the best websites to sell pictures of your body.





    There are lots of websites too Sell ​​your body images on-line.

    Become a virtual assistant

    Have you recently visited a hotel, restaurant, company or office? If you can then you can tell that most of the receptionists are ladies.

    Virtual Assistant provides ideas, reports on future and current plans, helps companies grow, finds the problem and its solution, helps companies solve their problem, legal advice and much more.

    On average, virtual assistants make money $ 30,000 per monthaccording to reports. This method not only requires a pretty face, but also a nice voice and the ability to speak.

    If you want to know how to become a virtual assistant, check out my article about how to become a virtual assistant.

    Become an Instagram and Tik Tok user

    Tik Tok is full of teens who follow girls rather than talent. So if you have something to show people will follow you for no reason and you can use these followers to make money.

    With over 200,000 followers, you can easily earn anywhere from $ 20,000 to $ 30,000 every month.

    I’ve already mentioned several methods Make money with Tik Tok.

    Most of the celebrities who are active can be found on Instagram. They were fun to use, but since Instagram Reel was released, you’ll find more voluptuous people there.

    Hence, it is also one of the easiest platforms to get free followers and make money. With 200,000+ active followers, you can earn anywhere from $ 30,000 to $ 50,000 every month.


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