How can I get emergency money quickly if an unexpected bill comes up?


    Only 39% of consumers can handle an unplanned $ 1,000 expense. The rest have no savings or emergency funds to dive into.

    If you are the latter, you need to find ways to cover a financial emergency. How do you get cash in a short time? Read on to find out how and where to get emergency cash.

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    Reach out to your friends and family

    In an emergency, it can be tedious to prepare the necessary documents for applying for a loan. Be sure to reach out to your friends and family first as they are usually ready to help you.

    However, it can be uncomfortable for both parties. Make sure you work out your repayment plan to avoid any problems. Some would borrow emergency money without interest, but others might.

    Get a credit card advance

    If you have a credit card, try a cash advance. To do this, you must have an available balance on your card.

    You need to think twice about this option as there are transaction fees associated with cash advances. It’s a fixed percentage of the total and can get expensive. Interest fees are also higher.

    It’s a great short term solution to your immediate cash needs.

    Apply for an emergency cash advance

    Emergency loans can be offered as short term personal loans or as payday loans. Either option can pay off your borrowed amount in less than 24 hours. Some personal loans can last two or three days.

    Be aware of the emergency personal loan interest rate even if you are in a hurry. Some offer single-digit interest rates, while others can go as high as 35%. The better your credit, the better deals and payment terms you can get.

    Payday loans are your last resort. They often have outrageous interest rates and short repayment periods. You also need to do your research as some lenders operate scams.

    These can have interest rates in excess of 600%. If you are certain that you can pay off the loan within 14 days, this option may serve your purpose.

    Look for other sources of income

    You don’t want to take out a loan? You may need to sell some belongings for some quick buck. This option isn’t as quick as the others, but it won’t put you into debt.

    You can also look for other ways to make money. The Money Well app, for example, offers additional income for playing games.

    Get Emergency Cash Now

    The unfortunate reality is that many Americans live from paycheck to paycheck. Hence, they have to borrow money to cover the emergency costs. Fortunately, the above methods can give you instant emergency cash.

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