How can you be boring – and make money?


    While Mo said there are 35,000 publicly traded companies worldwide and about 4,000 in the US mid-cap universe, Mawer avoids the largest companies in the S&P 500 because, if you focus on them, he “misses this whole part of America. The US is still the largest economy in the world. It’s the most entrepreneurial country in the world and new companies are coming in all the time and these other companies can be good investments. “

    He said the Canadian fund he also manages may not include the best-known companies in Canada, but it does include small and mid-cap companies as well. So there are some research synergies between the companies in the two funds as they may be cross-border or have similar companies.

    While Mawer may launch other funds, Mo’s Platte fully evaluates the current companies and explores other options, although they typically hold the companies on only 15-20% name sales for several years.

    “So we’re really pretty long-term investors,” said Mo. “We believe that there is only a small subset of companies that are asset trading companies, and once we find them we tend to hold and hold them over the long term and to do so support.” .”

    What Mawer’s investment philosophy “Be Boring. Make Money, ”which underlies all funds, he added,“ We ​​believe that generally boring companies are those with solid competitive advantages and steady growth. We believe it ultimately creates a stable and steady way for customers to make money. “


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