How can you improve customer relationships and become a referral magnet?


    She cited a Vanguard study of about 3,000 people that looked at what constitutes trust. It has functional, ethical, and emotional aspects, but she said people noticed that the emotional aspect was 53% of trust. She says she tells advisors that clients expect them to act ethically, but she can help them improve the emotional aspect to improve their clients’ financial plans and satisfaction.

    “I help consultants develop the skills and confidence to have conversations on these topics,” said D’Aprix, who offers a trusted consultant program, webinars and coaching to help consultants incorporate these deeper practices into their business and improve the way they work. with customers and their families. “I help them see through a different lens how they approach customer conversations. Whether they’re doing a discovery or a portfolio review, they can have another level of conversation with their clients to help build those relationships. So it’s not just about increasing their dollars, they can retain customers, especially surviving spouses, and also become referral magnets. «

    D’Aprix has worked with counselors to keep surviving spouses and address issues of intergenerational wealth transfer, which may include developing a relationship with pre-crisis adult children so they can also deal with estate planning and -care can deal.

    «My only concern is, how are we going to change your practice in small steps that will have a big impact on your relationships?» She said, noting a few areas.

    The first is to listen more deeply – not just to respond to the content with what consultants can offer clients, but, as she said, «listening to the emotions the client is feeling behind that content». This may include asking them how their elderly parents are doing, as it could affect them.

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