How Costco Liquor Prices Compare to Sam’s Club


    How Costco Liquor Prices Compare to Sam's Club

    Costco is known for its great prices, and their liquor store is no different. Costco Spirits offers greatly discounted prices for both beer and strong liquor compared to local liquor store prices. But Costco isn’t the only discount warehouse selling liquor. How do Costco’s liquor prices compare to Sam’s Club?

    To find out, I visited both my local Costco and Sam’s Club and gathered price comparison information on beer, liquor, and wine.

    Note: All prices are from Costco and Sam’s Club in Rochester, MN. Prices may vary depending on the location.

    Costco liquor prices compared

    Costco and Sam’s Club sell different brands of beer. Below is a comparison of some of the brands sold by both camps.

    Cost coSam’s club
    Corona, 24 pack$ 22.89$ 22.96
    Stella, 24 pack$ 24.49$ 24.26
    Bud light, 24 pack$ 15.99$ 15.96
    Michelob light, Pack of 24$ 15.99$ 15.96
    Coors Light, Pack of 24$ 15.99$ 14.96

    Both trading giants also sell schnapps. The following table compares some of the popular liquors that both sell.

    Cost coSam’s club
    Fireball whiskey 1.5L$ 19.25$ 19.28
    Jack Daniels 1.5L$ 33.99$ 33.99
    Tanqueray Gin 1.5L$ 28.49$ 28.56
    Captain Morgan Rum 1.5L$ 19.99$ 19.99
    Jameson Irish Whiskey 1.5L$ 35.99$ 39.48

    Both Costco and Sam’s Club have a nice selection of wines, but the products they carry are almost entirely different. When I did my research, I could only find two wines that were offered by both vendors.

    Cost coSam’s club
    J LOHR Cabernet$ 11.99$ 13.48
    Rodney Strong Cabernet$ 13.89$ 13.88

    Costco liquor prices, analyzed

    While there are cheaper products for one or the other, Costco and Sam’s Club have almost identical prices for most of the products sold by both. The real story here is if you can find a beer or liquor in one of the liquor stores it is probably a great deal.

    Shopping at Costco or Sam’s Club liquor stores has a few drawbacks compared to local liquor stores:

    • Limited variety – Liquor stores only stock the most popular brands and types of alcoholic beverages. If you’re looking for a specific bottle of wine, craft beer, or a less popular type of liquor, you probably won’t find it there.
    • Bulk material Just – Liquor stores in Costco and Sam’s Club normally only sell liquor in 1.75 liter bottles. For a smaller bottle of a product, head to a local full-service liquor store.
    • No special order – What’s in stock in a liquor store is what they have. At a local liquor store, you can almost always ask them to order something special and they can have it delivered from their local dealer within a few days.
    • Rotating warehouse: Just because you find a product in a warehouse doesn’t mean it’s there the next time you want it.

    Reader, where is your favorite place to buy alcohol? Are you surprised by the results of this price comparison?

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