How much Canadians spend on their skin care routine – plus the best products to splurge on and save on


    Canadian Skincare Routine Survey

    The cross-Canada survey surveyed 1,140 Canadians (99% confidence level, 4% error rate based on English-speaking population) over a four-week period in March / April 2021, around the one-year anniversary of the first COVID lockdown. Like anything we could buy in the first 12 months of COVID-19, skin care has gone digital and Canadians are as committed and loyal to their skin care programs and products as they were before.

    We found the following:

    More than one in three Canadians has bought skin care products online without trying it first
    More than 3 in 5 Canadians read online product reviews before buying a skin care product
    More than half of Canadians believe that skin care effectiveness is not based on price
    Almost one in four Canadians believes that price signals the effectiveness of skin care products
    Almost all Canadians (96.9%) owe no skin care products on their credit cards or through Buy It Now, Pay Later programs

    Other sources have confirmed that Canadians have found it difficult to maintain our personal routines during the lockdown and throughout the pandemic. But since the majority of Canadians don’t change their skin care spending according to our data, this is a way to spend money on yourself. “You’re on Zoom all the time, you’re always looking at yourself,” says Williams. “People may be more willing to try something new for self-care as well as a pick-me-up.”

    According to our survey, Canadians are adjusting these expenses to their budget. While the skin care industry has annual sales of $ 1.7 billion, it doesn’t spend money or go into debt.

    How Much Do Canadians Spend? It differs from person to person. Our survey shows that 47% spent $ 100 to $ 499 on skin care products in 2020, 42.1% spent $ 99 or less, and 10.9% spent $ 500 or more. It’s worth noting that a single skin care product, like a moisturizer or serum, typically costs $ 50 to $ 100, which can suggest buying from one to 10 products per year.

    Online skin care shopping tips

    54.3% “An accomplished buyer knows which products work, regardless of the price.”
    23.9% “You get what you pay for.”
    13.2% “Cheap and chic for victory.”

    When it comes to shopping for skin care products online it can feel like you’re “adding to cart” hoping for the best, especially if you’ve never bought that particular moisturizer, lotion, mask, or serum. And 36.2% of our survey say they haven’t bought online skin care products in the past year without first trying it out.

    “We firmly believe that there are effective products at any price, and we are pleased that Canadian consumers know the results of this survey,” said Williams. We all like that Canadians don’t mind bothering to research products they buy.

    There are tools, however, including expert reviews in online magazines and blogs, user reviews on the website, customer service chats, and even the good old-fashioned ways of calling a store or getting a recommendation from a friend.


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