How new investment dealers offer consultants “pure independence”


    Although Designed is an IIROC company, the co-founders are also in the final stages of MFDA approval and are also aiming to register as an Investment Fund Manager (IFM) in 2022. His vision is to work in all of them at the same time, said Kunza. WP’s mission is to help consultants find the best structure for their clients without forcing them to switch to a channel that may not be suitable for them is. The key is not to be constrained in a way that other companies might, and to allow the advisors to explore their options now and in the future.

    With a commitment to transparency and cooperation, their flat-fee retailer model has attracted a lot of attention, with an advisory pipeline already set up for the fall.

    However, Kunza stressed that they are not motivated by the desire to achieve short-term success and sell to the highest bidder. They want to create something that they can lead for the rest of their careers and beyond, something that long-term consultants can really develop.

    The interest comes from consultants across the country who feel restricted by the banks or those who want to get out of the electricity grid or are fascinated by the perspective of being more individual and genuinely more independent.

    “If you’re more independent and entrepreneurial and want to do things the way you want, banks aren’t really going to work for you,” she said. “We also think we have a compelling business proposition for people who may already be in the independent field but are looking around.”


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