How the company grew out of its Atlantic roots with $ 2.4 billion in assets under management


    Louisbourg manages approximately $ 2.4 billion for institutional and retail clients – including $ 500 million for retail clients – in Canadian fixed income securities as well as Canadian, American and international stocks.

    Since the company was founded in 1991, it has also managed portfolios for life insurance companies, property insurers and other clients facing capital difficulties. Gaudet said, “These types of specialty fixed income mandates are part of our DNA.”

    In June 2021, Louisbourg also partnered with DuParc Group, a fast-growing commercial real estate developer and asset manager that purchases and develops real estate to launch the Generation Real Estate Fund. It is initially focused on commercial and multi-purpose properties but hopes to add multi-residential properties later. It is still raising capital but has completed two acquisitions.

    “It’s a smaller real estate fund, but we believe it will make us more flexible and selective in our investments as we grow this fund over the next few years,” said Gaudet, adding that the first investments will be made in the Maritimes, but it will also invest elsewhere. “It’s just that some of those investment caps are higher in the maritime provinces, and that’s in our backyard. So these are the opportunities we see at the beginning, but it is a fund that we will eventually invest in across the country. “

    While the pandemic caused many companies to reconfigure the way they work, Gaudet said Louisbourg was already making virtual calls between offices on a daily basis. She also focused on serving existing customers who were continuously increasing their assets under management (AUM).


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